The song referenced is AMERICA/ SUICIDE/ MONSTER by the band Steppenwolf . Those words were more than just an anthem to me, they were an absolute. I always believed that if people would just hear the words that in itself would inflame them and motivate a reaction. I felt that those words expressed my feelings better than I ever could . They emphasised our powerlessness in the political system and our ineffectiveness in demonstrating our position on world affairs. I always thought that these words and others similar did not reach the majority of people who would be influenced or moved and it would take an absolute act of violence to stimulate the acts neccessary to relieve the deceitful,self serving elected officials from their positions and in some instances charge them with war crimes where neccessary. Obviously for fourty years no one took heed as the incidents of conflicts simmered at a low boil ,never actually reaching a point where citizens shouted out in anger or revenge. We trudged along as always with the same attitudes, even accepting the old cliches 'the rich get richer', ' power begets money', etc.We learned to live under the circumstances, cost of living goes up, unemployment rises, politicians engage in their embarrising peccadillos (hardly raising an eyebrow) . Fourty years of basic 'ho hum', 'that's the way it goes'! What are you gonna do?.AND then !Terrorists from an Islamic sect called 'Al Quaida' hijack several of OUR OWN planes , directing one each into the Twin Towers in New York, one into thePentagon and one misdirected, due to the heroic actions of passengers and crew, into an empty field, sacrificing their own lives! Sending the towers tumbeling to the ground, killing thousands. One takes out a wing of the pentagon, killing hundreds and the other costing the lives of all aboard the fourth airliner.We immediately had the information that this was perpetrated by an Al Quaida cell . We knew that most of these cells trained in the deserts of Afghanistan, camp by camp,via sattellite. We had the means to immediately take out most of these camps, putting an end to any further terrorist activities. Furthermore, our government hustled the entire family of OsamaBin Ladin, known to be the leader and major financier of this particular jihad, out of this country for their safety !! Now, what to do ?? Sit back for a year, divert the nations attention from these attacks and focus them on fictional (as was known by the White House )weapons of mass destructions and use this propaganda to justify an attack on Iraq and the capture of Saadam Hussein, not even a player in these attacks. But what does this matter? 9/11 is nothing more than an empty battle cry. Everytime 9/11 is mentioned it is an insult to the people and the families who were killed in those attacks. I sort of digressed as I do but my point is (finally) we have hotter flames burning in this decade than we have had in 40 years.This is not a time for people to feel safe and comfortable. Nor is it a time to feel helpless. There are some people out there , still in a position of power and willing to speak their minds no matter the cost. If we all gather and let our feelings be known they will keep the momentum neccessary to achieve positions where they can make a difference. Now is the time to pay close attention to what our politicians are saying and if you aggree with what they're saying, e-mail them, show your support and find out what else you can do. If the posturing and arrogance of this administration alone doesn't anger the citizens of this country then just remember what really happened on 9/11. And if that doesn't do it, log on and watch a video of the beheading of one of our citizens. and if that doesn't do it, suppose that he's your father or brother !!How many more flames does it take????


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