As Election Day Closes In I;m Getting Tired, Frustrated And maybe just a Little Bit Frightened.

The closer we come to the election the more junk I find stuffed in my mailbox. I look at it, I even read it. I've always read or investigated both sides of the political demography. I'm always afraid that I may, some day, open my mouth and sound like most republicans of late do. Now, I don't intend this as a castigation nor am I looking to insult. I'm simply making an un-biased observation based on the facts presented to me, some through my mailbox, some through social intercourse, some through the media and advertising.
I am not a democrat, nor am I republican. I have no political affiliation or preference at all as I find them all to be full of shyt, saying whatever it takes to win, no matter the cost or cause.Now, with this election closing in, I've made my decision, as I figure anyone who has a brain and cares enough to properly pay attention has. If you haven't made up your mind yet then you don't deserve to vote, for you either are not willing to dedicate the time to research the truth, which is quite simple, or you don't have the necessary mental capacity to make such an important decision.
Most democrats I hear and speak with are optimistic about the future. They are unhappy and some, like myself, furious at the Bush administration for obvious reasons to anyone with eyes, ears and a functioning brain. I'm sincerely trying to be as unbiased as is possible under the circumstances but understand, it's not my fault, nor is it my responsibility to make certain people sound more intelligent than they themselves actually are or act. Having said that, what I find that most republicans sound like in conversation or in their own written word are people who are too belligerent or ignorant to pay attention to any of the facts put out to them and to my absolute dismay, racists. How did I come to this conclusion?
( see this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcGFPR6H6aE it explains a lot) What do you say to a person when in conversation about the election they ask the rhetorical question "just who is Barack Obama?" I want to respond with "are you just stupid or have you been so successfully brainwashed that's all you've got?" But, they usually immediately follow it with "He's a Muslim, that's who." so who can argue with such logic?
"No he's not!" "Yes, he is!". "No, he's not". "Yes he is!" Ok,, why,,, why do you say he's a Muslim? "Because McCain said it in a speech." I'm done.
In some other cases, some people will either be more honest about the race issue or will unintentionally blurt out "besides, I ain't votin for no nigger." The first time I heard that one I honestly did not see it coming and it floored me. It bothered me very much because it was someone I love who said it. All I could respond with was "Aww, C'mon. Really?" There was no point in arguing that mentality and because of who it was I tried to talk about it but you can't discuss logic with racism though the person did promise me not to vote.
Finally, the pamphlets in my mailbox. Democrats, in their pamphlets, generally outline plans for whatever interest they have chosen without mention of other parties. I like that even though I don't find much else about democrats that I care for. Republicans, on the other hand, regularly defile their opponents. I received one today which was almost comical. It was from McCain and he was espousing his views on Obama the socialist. He was telling me that I needed to protect my gun rights. How ironic. A member of the party who has done more to steal away our constitutional rights than anyone in history telling me that I must protect my rights. My gun rights of all things. The ones I'll probably need the most if he were to get in office.
YES, it is time to protect my rights!
That's why I will vote,, for Obama. Not because of his party affiliation or what any one else has to say about him but because of what I've learned about him by listening to his debates, looking up what I didn't know and ignoring obvious lies and bullsh*t which is being consistently spread by the republican party. Actually, I'm surprised and disappointed that the republicans, after eight years of the most obvious lies and malfeasance to such horrendous degrees, haven't disassociated themselves from this type of behavior. It, in itself, is despicable and obvious to anyone with intelligence. Their aligning themselves with the likes of McCain/Palin shows them to either be in league with the Bush regime or are seeking to change their party to a band of mindless ignoramuses with a mob mentality. Again, no insult intended, it just can't be ignored, nor dismissed. It is what it is.
Slander tactics are all that republicans have against Obama as everything which I've ever followed through with proved false and/or taken out of context. McCain has no other talking points in any of the debates except to directly lie and mis-state Obama's plans but he never has an answer or plan of his own. His whole demeanor is as transparent as Bush's and his designs are obviously directed to the betterment of the rich and corporate America. His affinity for the flawed Reaganomics "trickle down" theory is further proof that his interests lie with the "haves" and his choice of a vice-presidential bimbo who has become the laughing stock of 80% of the country show's just how out of touch he is with the intelligent men and women of this country who see through all of the republican propaganda meant to convince people who earn less than $50,000. a year that they can enjoy a life in this country and that they actually can afford health care, retirement and education for their children.
I am not a liberal, nor am I a Marxist, neither is Barack Obama. That's just more of the outright lies that republicans have become quite well known for in the past eight years. If you can't win an election, steal it. If you can't have a war, fabricate an attack to use as a catalyst. No one's life is safe with these type of politician in office.
If Obama was for taking away my guns I surely would not vote for him but no where in any records or statements does he state that he is for this type of gun control. Being in favor of making sure that guns are used exclusively for what they were meant for, hunting rifles for hunting animals, defense weapons for the protection of one's person, home or family or match weapons for competition shooting is not "gun control". I or any other honest person should not have a problem with this, however, I promise that I will use my weapons in self defense should anyone ever try to take them away from me.
In fact, in light of Bush's Patriot Act I would be more likely to have to use my weapons in self defense against a government gone awry than ever before.
Not being a member of any political party I am always with open mind in making choices and decisions and the party usually has very little to do with my choices. Unfortunately, in the past eight years, the republican party has made the ill-fated decision to align themselves with the likes of a traitor to his country who has been responsible for the deaths and mutilations of thousands of American soldiers and citizens alike, not to mention the hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqi citizens, the passing of the "Patriot Act", a so-called document meant to protect citizens in the event of an attack which actually takes away our rights to due process and places us in danger of arrest without representation to be secretly locked away and tortured for years if we are deemed "terrorist". This could be the scenario for our next "Revolutionary War", thanks to George W. Bush, Dictator in Chief.
I am so sorry that this faction of the republican party has been as successful as it has in recruiting followers of these traitors. They are very clever in ways of deception but they are not true republicans. There has always been a fringe element of the republican party who has been based in religion, race and social class. This is not what America is about. It is about freedom, freedom to practice, or not, whatever type of religion we want. It is all about the equality of the races, genders and classes. I wish so much that we could all come together and see it that way but the only way that can happen is if we all truly involve ourselves in the politics of things such as elections. We can not take the word of anyone when they are casting dispersions on another. We must check out resources and find the truth and when we find one who consistently lies about another without ever presenting a plan of his own which makes any sense we must vote them away. It's not complicated and if a candidate is consistently not clear and confusing in where he or she stands it is because of duplicity. They're not lying if they don't make any sense. You may not rethink where you stand in this election but maybe in time, after all the cards are dealt, you will look back on this and you will see some sense in all of it. I hope we have the opportunity to find some positive after all of this. Firstly though, I hope for positive results from this election.Unfortunately, I keep having flashes of disaster, an assassination, a terror attack, martial law.
As I watched Obama's info-mercial Wednesday night and listened to his message I had a déjà vu. It felt as though I was sitting in my living room with my Mother and Father listening to John Kennedy speak and for a moment I had a warm sense of security. Now I've not been the strongest advocate of Barack Obama, I was mostly concerned with keeping McCain and the Bush administration from the White House but after the months of following him and listening to his speeches and debates and checking out every dispersion cast upon him by the McCain camp I feel as though he is the first legitimate candidate we've had in many, many years and as such I've developed a degree of faith in him, something else I haven't had in years. I hope, for all of our sakes, that this faith is warranted.


Today You Have An Opportunity To Make Them Pay The Price

If I have to sit and listen to one more person with an income of half a million or more and a portfolio worth more than what most of us earn in a lifetime tell us why we must bail out big businesses who, in their greed and stupidity have managed to put their businesses in the red to the tune of two hundred million dollars I think I'm going puke.
To add insult to injury, they tell us that through our own ignorance in acquiring mortgages and credit card beyond our means we must now cut back. Are they talking to us? Well, they must be talking about us because there's no reason for them to listen to this bullshit. They're too worried about whether or not we buy it. You can almost hear the desperation in their velvet voices as they almost beg to be heard. The thing is though, they're telling the absolute truth, in a twisted sort of way. They are in big trouble, it will be a Armageddon, for them! When they say we screwed up, we are going to have to cut back, we lived beyond our means and now we're going to have to pay for it, they mean it. They are going to have one hell of a miserable time. They're going to have to put up with what we have had to put up with years, some of us, all of our lives. Gee. I feel badly for them......................No I don't. And don't you.

They don't care whether we live or die. Don't believe it? Know anyone who's gone to Iraq? Or how about just the poor innocent civilians, women with their children in their arms being murdered in the name of democracy? How about the poor souls in the Towers on 9/11? Did they or do they care about these people? I don't think so, they want to keep the war going for a hundred years, and add a few more to boot. Can't have too many wars. Real frikkin humanitarians. I don't feel a thing for them but contempt, and now the tables have turned.

If we don't allow the bailouts, all of those greedy, ten million dollar a year CEO's and investors are heading for some hard times. Tough shit. It's about damn time. While they took advantage of credit cards and mortgages for the sole reason of earning money and enjoying themselves at it, we have used credit cards and low interest rates to try to pull ourselves out of a hole by consolidating debts and refinancing at a lower interest rate and using credit cards to try and meet our obligations and live a life at the same time.

I think that these people are the bottom of the heap and they're willing to let the majority of this country live harder than we already are so that they can continue to live in the custom that they've acquired. Fuck them. I'm fed up and I'm sorry about the language but I've had just about enough.

It's time for us to stop this crap once and for all. They pull this shit at every election, it's a vulnerable time in America. We're already at odds at having to chose a new leader, all of a sudden there's a problem that's been brewing for years but it has to break one month before an election. What perfect timing for a bunch of clueless idiots. Well we are not clueless and we're not idiots but we have been in the past. No more.

They are going to post the current bailout package on the internet this afternoon. I'm doing this as quickly as I can to get it out before it's too late. If you want to put a stop to this , go to http://www.nowallstreetbailout.com/ and sign the petition.
If we keep feeling sorry for rich people who play with money like it's only a piece of paper (that was a joke, get it?) we're going to lose our yachts, our three month vacations and some of our cars. We will have to clean our own houses and wash our own clothes. And who the hell is going to keep up those lawns?

Do you understand? Are you willing to give up even more than you have because of that? Because that's all it really boils down to.
Don't bail them out, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. How many more years will you be suckered in by that great Reagenesque "trickle down" theory? Has anything trickled down on you lately? It did, you just didn't feel it when Paulson said, "Piss on those bastards."
In another one of their vain attempts to sucker the little guy as they've been doing for the last hundred years they have finally stepped in it. Eight years of George Bush has opened this country's eyes to what the extreme right really means to America. We have to realize that this is not necessarily the Republican Party itself but what I consider a renegade offshoot comprised of an extremely rich, extremely religious, extremely powerful and more than all else, extremely fanatical small percentage of the country, or I should say, the world. We almost let these people take our country. We're not out of it yet, we still have to be sure that McCain hasn't got a chance. He will doom America, I have no doubt in my mind. I'm not smart, I'm not claiming to be but I haven't been wrong about a president's legacy in 50 years. I said eight years ago that Bush was the beginning of the end. He did everything that I said he would to this country and then some. McCain is worse.
Go vote.


Has George Bush Had Any Positive Effects On America?

This administration has had great effects on our United States. I sat and tried, before I began to write, to discover some good which has come from the introduction of George W. Bush to the White House but I could not in all honesty, find one benefit, not a single positive contribution to the good of our nation as a result of this presidency.
How, I asked myself, could a person take on the responsibility to advance a civilization into a brand new century and not only dismiss his entire reasonability but to dedicate his entire being only to affect his own personal agenda and the welfare of the smallest portion of the American public, those whose power and capital can further benefit his cause.
In looking at our society now as compared to when he literally took the office in 2000, one of the most distinguishing changes we can discern is the absolute disdain which has occurred between the political parties which breaks it down to the most divisive issue, even surpassing racism, this country has ever endured. Sadly, they have pitted friend against friend, brother against sister, all born of the confusion created through the use of moral values and religion, the very things which wove the fabric of our constitution, which the fore-fathers fought and died for when our country was founded. Otherwise intelligent people have been emotionally misguided enough to become the necessary addition to his base in order for the party to have substantial support to manage his initial coup in 2000. Through lies and deception they have managed to maintain this support enough to hold these followers through the next election. This in itself has altered the cadence of American society. Never before have we displayed such animosity toward one another based on political party alone. It as though the actual views and issues of democrats, republicans, moderates, liberals and conservatives take back seat to the moniker.
Political parties are not baseball teams. The Yankees and the Red Sox despise each other for no other reason than geography. There is no true basis for their animosity, they just instinctively despise one another but baseball is only a game, meant to provide nothing more than entertainment and recreation. Politics, on the other hand, represents the affairs of our government. We do not become a member of a political party by our location or place of birth but by our life situations, our personal preferences in regards to the type of leadership and mode of governing which we believe is best suited for our country or our own particular situations. It shouldn't be decided by religion, morals or because you like the ring of the name of the party. These are not valid decisions for such a decision as religion and morals have no place in American government. Nor is it a valid response to despise a person based on their decision to chose the party which best suits their lifestyle. To do so is not only invalid, it is childish and ignorant. In today's society it is almost impossible to make a choice which entirely suits any one person, so varied and complicated most of our lives have become. This administration has turned an important and difficult political choice into a cult of personality. We have had eight years of so-called leadership which deals with such an absence of real substance that we have lost sight of what our parties even stand for. Because of this, we've developed an inherent hatred for just the name. Simply because I believe that George W. Bush is a dictator who has drawn this country into un-necessary wars, terrorized the population into surrendering constitutional rights and acted wholly on behalf of himself and the richest 2% of Americans I am instantly tagged as a liberal. Never mind that I'm against entitlement programs and I carry a gun, I must be a liberal and under the GWB Dictionary, liberal is a bad thing. This man has managed to alter our language with his control freak mentality. The irony of this is that he hasn't the slightest command of the English language. There is nothing inherently bad about democrats or republicans and the sooner we all subject ourselves to this line of thinking the sooner we take the first step back to being an intelligent nation.
Another perception which has been tragically altered by the current administration (and I do use the term administration loosely) is religion, although in this regard I must say that the republican party itself has cornered the "God" market. Everybody, get a life. Just because you proclaim yourself "pro-life" does not make you either holy or good. It seems though that "W" is the only man who can call upon God to protect the United States as we run around the world murdering otherwise un-holy people, such as Muslims, in order to fatten our wallet. In the first place, who ever decided it was the job of the federal government to regulate morality or religion? I don't care how intelligent you may consider yourself but if you can read into the constitution that the government has the right to legislate religious issues then you, my friend are truly ignorant. How you became this ignorant is a combination of wishful thinking and listening to the republican party make ingenuous promises. To overturn Roe vs., Wade would be reason enough for a revolution of the people under our constitution. Now, obviously, under George W. the constitution is just a piece of paper to wipe his ass with but remember, this is the main reason that most of this country wants him impeached or dead. Use your head, the government is not going to do one god damn thing about abortion. Not unless the next president is looking to go the same way this one is and heed my word, this president will be prosecuted, if he's lucky. He has confused this country, or at least those who have shown the ability to be conditioned by religion, into believing that he has the ear of God because he's the president. I don't know, though, if God has the same respect for a lying conniver who stole the office through dubious means as He ( or She ) would have for someone honestly elected. Either way folks, God does not grant anyone dispensation based on position or vacant promises. "W" has as much to do with God as my pet bird does. Religion has no place in the political world of our country and neither do lying dictators.
I was often bewildered by the choice of many of the people who actually voted for George W., people who are lower middle class, hardworking people who would benefit in no way by having such a presence in office. My mother, who is a devout Catholic, who dedicated every fabric of her being to her family and her church and who exists on a meager social security check and the assistance of her children, voted for Bush. When I asked her what it is that prompted her to vote for him rather than a democrat, which is what she voted when my Father was alive to help guide her, her response floored me. "He is a holy man, we can't allow women to go around murdering their babies at will, it's against God's law". When I tried to explain to her that , first, it wasn't the president's job to enforce God's law and second, that it was only a political issue that he uses to gain the religious vote as he obviously doesn't even care about actual living life, proved by the fact that he allowed an attack on his own people, killing thousands and then falsely instigated a war which is causing the destruction of hundreds of thousands of more lives it was as though I never spoke, she was blinded by the visualization of slaughtered infants. What an deviously evil mind concocts such a scenario for the cause of the continuation of murder by war and terrorism.
The true base of this administration, which is hardly recognizable as the republican party, is a strict corporate-military establishment (with a misguided support from an extreme right wing religious constituency), which places the value of the dollar above human life. They hypocritically proclaim themselves pro-life in regards to a fetus while they have no compunction in regards to the involvement of a staged terrorist attack on their own populace or the absolute lies and misdirection of information in order to send their own citizens to their deaths and decimation in an illegal war in which hundreds of thousands have died for no other reason than increased profitability. This is probably the most profound change in the landscape of America. This country has always stood for the betterment of its' citizens. It used to be said that with hard work and integrity anyone could be a success in America. Notice I didn't say rich, I said a success. I define success (financially) as the ability to live a comfortable life in the average manner of the citizenry, with the ability to afford health care, education and provide for a comfortable retirement. This should be afforded by any man or woman, equally, and the escalation of these standards should be dependent on ones abilities and desire to apply themselves to better education, more responsibility and more personal investment. What this country has become is a land where anyone can be successful according to one's ability to apply financial investment. Period. You don't have to work hard, you don't have to work at all. You don't need any integrity whatsoever, as a matter of fact it is apparent that you will be rewarded for a lack of integrity. This standard has become pandemic during the Bush years and this, above all else, is the antipathy of everything America stands for. It is however, the standard of George W. Bush. Disgusting.
Hopefully, the good people who have been so cunningly deceived into believing that they have been serving the greater good in the name of God will soon awaken to the fact that God is the furthest thing from the minds of these evil manipulators and will join the ranks of Americans not so easily deceived by shallow rhetoric and cleverly devised propaganda when the time comes to prosecuting these war criminals and traitors.
Although the actual scale of the crimes committed by these fascists are far beyond the realm of crimes perpetrated by most atrocious serial killers and predators the most despicable aspect of their (crime) is the gross negligence of our rights and freedoms and the trivialization of the theft of those commodities. The obvious narcissism and lack of empathy for their fellow man (
http://samvak.tripod.com/objectrelations.html ) alone would be cause for concern in even the lowest managerial capacity but when these characteristics are the foundation of motivation for the highest position in the land the results are obvious, we are experiencing them.
Since the Bush administration was sworn into office in 2000 every aspect of our government actions have been directed toward the betterment of the richest, most powerful entities in the world, regardless of the consequences on the lower classes, the average working class and the civilian population of third world nations. Sacrifices must always be made in the advancement of any civilization but in this administration it is the custom for the people who have historically made the greatest contributions, in life, in labor and with lack of equitable remuneration to, not only continue to do so but to accelerate their sacrifices to the degree that they must cast aside the rights and freedoms offered to every segment of society under our constitution and even further, render themselves to the advancement of every cause of the corporate-military establishment which has been implemented, not only for the express benefit of the top 2% of the population but for the ultimate demise of their own way of life. The majority of Americans, under the plans of the current Republican administration, are expected to lift their arms in surrender and sacrifice themselves to the cause of the elite. We are taking millennium size steps backward in civilization to a time when the ruling elite and the church were the reason that the population existed, but only as slaves and worshippers. In the past several years more and more have awakened to that realization but now to discover that the administration is so deeply rooted it's difficult to discover where the establishment ends and our actual government begins. How far have they gone with buyouts or actual threats to honest politicians in order to either win them over or back them off. And most of all, what do we actually know of their tactics. What is the "promise" which made John Kerry stop campaigning in 2004 when he was an almost obvious winner just three weeks before the election? What was said to Bill Clinton which all of a sudden sealed his friendship with the administration which terrorized him through his entire term in the White House and further turned his wife into a democratic candidate campaigning with the integrity of a carnival barker, espousing views which reflected an endearment with the republican party. Even John McCain, who once criticized this administrations tactics vehemenently has suddenly become George's evil twin while trying to impart the impression of vast difference.
This is one of the more frightening mysteries which surround these zealots. I don't believe that money and power are always as capable of buying a persons ideals as they are made out to be. Unless accompanied by a vile threat, not only against one's self but a threat of such a horrific nature that the decision makes itself, would so many people who started out with great intentions suddenly and without obvious reasoning turn to giving up the fight. This is what we must overcome. This unknown proposition is obviously the most potent weapon they possess. It's what made Kerry quit, it's why marches and slogans will never sway Nancy Pelosi, it's what silences the most powerful voices in the media and the democratic party and it's what we need to expose above all else.
I've said, many times, that I believe that there are members of congress, the senate, the military and other powerful political organizations who have designs on rectifying our affairs in Washington. I've stated my desire to make contact with these people and offer assistance in any form to achieve the goals of removing this element from our government. I don't believe that an election, a fair election, under our constitutional design will destroy this virus. We have no idea to what extent it has infiltrated our systems and in what capacity portions will remain, even after a perceived win, that can still have effect and reinstitute itself as a designing element and bring us back around full circle. We must be assured that there is no one remaining in our government who believes in the possibility of taking control of any portion of our ruling system and instituting policies which affect our constitution and bill of rights. This administration has not taken the risks or expended the energy to alter, not only the policies and implementation of rule but the perception of the American people that their ambitions are for the good of all, only to give it all up in a fair and democratic election with no further inside interference or illegal maneuvers. Furthermore, we have no assurance that this president will not take drastic measures, as he has done in the past, in order to declare Marshall law and cancel the elections indefinitely, institute the use of the hundreds of internment camps constructed in the past several years and put into utilization the civilian security forces of Blackwater, Halliburton and foreign governments which the Bush administration has contracted with.
What will you do when men and women in uniform are manning our streets, interrogating us, asking for identification and on occasion taking someone into custody. Are you prepared to deal with that? Should we even have to be, in the United States of America? This statement alone is cause enough for alarm. But like I've said, there are powerful people who are aware, who are prepared and we need them just as I believe they need us. When you listen to just the Hollywood crowd, whom we should never underestimate, not in intelligence, nor in power, you will hear echo's of our sentiments. Men such as Alec Baldwin, who I consider one of the most patriotic Americans of our times, are not sitting on their hands waiting for a bunch of rent-a-cops to disrupt their lives. They are very close to Washington and without doubt, have plans. We need contact. Are we being watched? I believe that many of us are. Should we be individually concerned? I believe, yes. But all the more reason to have contact with a more powerful element in this country who believe what we believe, who have the ear of the masses. These are the type of people I mean when I discuss reaching others. They are out there and they are listening. They may even be reading Op-Ed. If they aren't they may have friends who do. We're surely not getting anywhere by being quiet and I don't believe that marches and petitions are going to influence anyone who has the power to intercede and hasn't already. As I said, this administration carries with it a great fear factor.
We are not looking for violent confrontation. This is not going to get us the desired results. I'm prepared to defend myself but this is not about me. My death or the death of some sorry-ass misguided K-Mart security guard employed by the government's henchmen is not going to influence the outcome of our situation. The only deaths which will bring desired results would be impossible for members of the general population to insure. If it were that simple it would have happened years ago. This is the most heavily guarded and secured administration in history. I wouldn't even venture a guess of how many groups there are in this country who are, at this moment, devising a plan to get to any members of the party who step into the light but we can't depend on that. We must concentrate our efforts on a legal strategy which employs the masses. Our best option at this moment is an overwhelming landslide victory over the republicans including any incumbents. The 2000 coup could not have been accomplished without a close majority. The republicans (apologies to faithful members of the true republican party) managed to sucker enough real votes to accomplish the necessary miniscule manipulation to tangle up the issues and play a shell game with the electoral process. Without the close proximity of votes they cannot, in stealth, convince the masses that they have indeed gathered enough of a majority to call for recounts or admissions which would affect the outcome. This is why I believe that it is imperative that every single potential voter who is against John McCain go to the polls or use the absentee ballot to vote for Obama. Forget third parties or protest votes. No one cares about your protests. This is not a game, actual lives are at stake. This will only be the first step in removing the Corporate-Military-Religious regime from power. They will not relinquish power just because the have lost the office of the presidency. There may even be major distractions, terrorist attacks or assassinations. They must not prevail, they must be recognized for the rogues they are. It is imperative for Obama to win, whether or not you like him, disagree with his policies or are a racist who doesn't want to see a black man in office. The alternative is not a president that you don't care for, the alternative is the end of the United States of America as you know it. They must be defeated, they must be prosecuted. We can only hope that Obama is the real deal but even if he disappoints some, no one person is going to fit every mans description of their perfect candidate, this one time though this one man may just prolong your life. This election is much different than any we've ever had before. This election actually brings together black, white, man, woman, straight, gay, young and old. Not because Obama is a black man but because we are all together in a common place with common goals, to save the American dream, the middle class, the people who, without realizing it, have been the common fabric, the sustaining foundation of a way of life which has been the dream of millions around the world for centuries. These are the people who have been used, deceived into believing that individually we are nothing more than insignificant occupants of a country made up of groups of other people with their own special interests who are all vying for a commodity which should belong to only our own special group, as if by allowing them their desires or needs we would be losing something ourselves. What no one seems to recognize is that the only other group who want anything which would detract from us are the very people who promise to protect us, keep us safe from the evils of the world. These are the pontifical hypocrites who would protect us from foreign religions, abortion, even ourselves if we would only surrender some of our rights and trust them to make our decisions for us. Black, white, man, woman, gay and straight, together give them the power to rule us by allowing them to separate us. We have more in common than they will allow us to believe because together we are the United States Of America and they are only a pack of greedy, power hungry sloths who would suck us dry and turn us against each other because they realize that in unity, there is strength and the last thing they want us to have, in a long list of equities, is strength. Knowledge is strength and lately we are gaining the knowledge that they do exist and the threat they impose. In their haste and greed they have exposed themselves for the liars and deceivers that they are. They have been slowly gaining power for decades, one step at a time, one assassination, one more murder, one more bill passed in the middle of the night but finally, in this administration they have, in all of their arrogant cockiness, displayed themselves to a public that they have considered so naive, so ignorant, so beneath themselves that we could never conceive of such a glorious plan and even if a few of us did, they would be capable of sublimating the masses, preying off of our instilled hatred and fears of each other, quelling any possibility for a gathering of the masses and not only expelling but prosecuting them for their crimes.
Now is the time for us all to recognize ourselves strictly as Americans, not white or black, gay or straight religious or athiest. We must recognize that it is not the duty of the government to settle differences in the populace, not to take up moral or religious issues or to involve themselves into rights which should otherwise be decided by state and local offices. We must vote on issues involving the federal government, protecting our populace from true foreign threat, monitoring and regulating international trade and corporate matters as they affect workers, investors and consumers. They work for us. We elect them based on their policies and promises and as soon as they begin to deviate from those policies and promises they are to be removed from their offices and treated as any civilian who violates our laws. Under these circumstances this administration, in its' entirety, should have been removed and prosecuted seven years ago. We must now do what should have been done and remain united against all future political figures who would dare to tread on our constitutional rights or use the powers of the office for their own personal betterment against the best interests of the American people.
We have the ball rolling, we must not relent. Now is the time to push harder, put aside any imagined or insinuated differences as we are all victims, equally transgressed, equally burdened by this establishment. Recognize the true enemy, no matter how difficult to perceive and recognize your true comrades, the black man, the white man, the gay woman, the pro-choicer and the pro-lifer. Realize that these differences have nothing to do with the functions of the federal government. These are human rights issues which we must come together and solve on our own. The corporate-military complex in rule now does not care about any of these issues, these are only tools of divisiveness which they use to keep the masses at bay and retain their own power. They truly don't care whether you live or die. If they did we would not be in a war in which we have no goals, or business. Nor would they antagonize other countries with unstable rulers who have nuclear and biological capabilities. This is not how you protect the population, this is how they place us all in peril while they and their loved ones retreat to their mile deep bunkers.
So, if you believe that the only thing affected by the Bush administration is your pocketbook, or that they will ensure that your right to life stance will be justified, or even that you make enough money that their tax cuts will save your life when the time comes, think again. They only do the perceived good to suck you in, to get your support in the next election because all that matters to them is that they maintain the power accrued during the Bush years and carry it on into the McCain years. Don't give McCain power.
That would be our tragedy and it may just be our last.
Make some noise.


None Of The Above.

Unfotunately, there wasn't enough space available to this long winded SOB to make the point I so urgently feel is of the utmost importance.
Sometimes, well, most of the time, what I have to say is kind of on the edge. A lot of people may be thinking it but few are willing to actually say it. That's ok, or at least, it used to be ok. Those days are gone. It's time to forget about fear of ostracism, the ridicule of scared sheep and the government. We are free. Not only in the sense that we can walk about without hindrance but free in the sense that we have the right to take steps to insure that we keep that freedom.
So, here is a very sketchy proposition of what I was trying to say in the poll.

* None Of The Above Will Solve All Of Our Problems.

Begin by sending a very important message of our own. Impeach and prosecute the Bush/Cheney regime for treason and war crimes.
Elect our own president, one whose intentions are to remove from power the industrial-military Establishment, the ruling class elite who are draining our country and its' people of all of our resources, including our freedoms and rights.
Begin rebuilding from the ground up by addressing all above mentioned problems one at a time, in order of urgency, incorporating dialogue from within both parties on how to resolve issues on health care, immigration, the economy, etc, with consideration for solid input by vote from the American people.

The gradual removal of war troops from middle east, with any remaining troops left in the capacity of advisors with the absolute right to protect themselves at all costs and the threat of complete withdrawal or absolute invasion in the event of harm done. We will not be fucked with!
Incorporate intesified search/destroy missions of all terrorists and terrorist activity in the deserts of Afghanastan, including the capture or death of Osama Bin Ladin and all of his chief commanders.

There is no liberal, there is no republican, democrat or green. There are Americans. We are Americans. At this moment in time nothing else matters. WE are brave, free and resilient. We will not take shit from foreigners, nor will we take it from greedy politicians and corporate elitists. We will take our country back, by vote, or by any means neccessary. We are fed up and will not be made fools of by drunken, dyslexic, wannabe cowboys playing president, or by sneering, snorting trolls with the personality of a B-movie villain, or especially by a pack of lilly-livered, manicured, greed-bloated narcissists in their ivory towers, feeling securely un-approachable by the likes of the peasants and fools who they unconscionably lie to and steal from with their every breath in order to fill their slothful, wanton desires.
And then we will be vigilant, aware of the evils which haunt a capitalistic society. Capitalists we are but greed and lust for power must be restrained. We cannot succeed as a civilization if we disregard the attributes which make us Americans in the first place.
Empathy, compassion, and pride cannot co-exist without conflict with greed, narcissism and an insatiable appetite for power. The latter, due to it's extreme sense of self and nothing else will always be an aggressor, like hyaena on the hunt they are unrelenting and merciless thus one must always be aware of its' presence, prepared to protect himself or ward off any advances which would put the predator in a superior position. The predator is only superior if he is allowed to be, he too is capable of being hunted and subdued, this must always be remembered and there must be no hesitation when dealing with this animal lest we find ourselves back in the same situation we find ourselves today.
“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” *

*Albert Einstein


Recognize Our True Problem And Question The Government.

Question the government. Enough of all of these ridiculous questions about the war. The war is not important. The only people we should be fighting right now is the Establishment. They are our most clear and present danger. The economy? Healthcare? Illegal immigration? They are not problems, these are symptoms of the problem.
Use your heads. If we got rid of the Establishment, the corporate conglomerates who own the Bush administration, who own us, then we could begin to focus on the symptoms. Prosecuting Bush and his cronies is not the answer. It's a necessary step in defeating the establishment but it won't solve the problem. The power must be removed from the Establishment and placed in the hands of "We the People".
First, who is the Establishment? Wikipedia defines them as such; The Establishment is a pejorative term used to refer to the traditional ruling class elite and the structures of society that they control. The term can be used to describe specific entrenched elite structures in specific institutions, but is usually informal in application and pejorative. For example, candidates for political office are often said to have to impress the "party establishment" in order to win endorsement.
In the 1960s and 1970s, "The Establishment" was seen as representing restrictive, authoritarian policies. As the old fashioned way of doing things, it was associated with age and was said to be dominated by members of the war generation who had not yet accepted or adapted to the big societal changes of the decade. In the 1980s, conservative critics (particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom) began to assert that liberals had become the new "Establishment". Sociologically, one who does not belong to "The Establishment" is an "outsider". [1]
This is a very basic description, old in its' thesis. In modern times it has transformed and molded to fit society. It's no longer as simple as a military-industrial complex who believe that the continuation of war is essential to the maintenance, growth and strength of society. That was the basis fifty years ago but today, with all of the advancements in technology, the internet, GPS, and such, the so-called Establishment, being made up of people who have the same drives as most except that they are narcissistic, anti-social typeswho lack empathy, recognized the ability to take their powers to a whole new level. It's no longer as simple as keeping a war going to preserve their society. The ability to reach and control all of the people beginning with the conquest of one generation whose cooperation with the next generation to the next gave them a vision of the possibility of the ultimate control of power and wealth throughout the world. Add greed and a touch of antisocial psychosis and you have what we have today. Sounds sort of comic book? Sure it does, they count on that to dispel individual thoughts such as these, but have you ever seen anything as comic book as this administration? A drunken, babbling president with an unmistakable smirk of disdain for the petty subjects who annoy him, a vice-president with all of the attributes of Batman's Penguin who shoots his hunting buddies in the face with a shotgun. I'm not even going to waste time going on. Christ, you can pick up any book about the president or his administration, aside from autobiographies, and read all about all of the follies of these greed drunk idiots. But they themselves are not the Establishment. They're not smart enough. They just do their bidding. The people who comprise the Establishment are far more sinister than this. They have used technology to condition the nation, as I said, one generation to the next, to cooperate without question. Go out and shop, go into debt, get more credit cards, mortgage one hundred and twenty five percent of your home with a ridiculous mortgage, don't question authority and be afraid, be very, very afraid. We're here to protect you. Do you not recognize brainwashing tactics when they're being applied to you? Do you really want to be controlled? Well, don't worry about that, they don't want to control you, they want to own you. Now if that doesn't piss you off it should sure as hell scare the crap out of you.
Do you see what I see? I hope at least 40% of the people in this country see by now. I'm afraid that's not the case. I do see more people ho are sharing my beliefs but I'm so angry that more people won't open their eyes I've resorted to this. What I don't see is how everyone can be so distracted by such mindless blather about problems which would be solved by exposing the Establishment for who they are and their true agenda and then wiping them off the face of the earth, or at the very least, solitary confinement in prison,, in Iraq.
Sounds harsh? They're killing us, plus thousands of innocents around the world not to mention the "wounded". They're destroying our way of life, taking away our freedoms, our chances for prosperity. They are unconscionable, narcissistic, greedy, murderers with suits and families. Bush is one of this type, did you see our president "drunk" on the news last night? The man with his finger on the button gets DRUNK! Cheney is one, look in their eyes. Condoleezza Rice is the most proficient liar I've ever witnessed. I grew up on city streets, I recognize "bad" when I see it.
There have been many movies, supposedly fictional, depicting the mad politician run amuck, political assassinations by other factions of government. You might say that this is a case of "life imitating art". It's actually the other way around. Many of these movies have had their basis in real life. Take the movie "JFK." Most people discounted that movie as fictional. There was a lot of research done for that movie, proven facts regarding the autopsy, trajectory of bullets, even facts such as that the limousine in which he was shot was repaired (bullet holes) and cleaned the next day. Who does that to any vehicle which is evidence in a murder case? Yet, the government and the media manage to keep people convinced that anyone who questioned this was a conspiracy nut and almost everyone fell for it. If you have half of a brain and read with an open mind, and I don't mean to be insulting here, but you have to either be truly successfully conditioned, involved or a complete idiot not to question outright all of the government's answers and the Warren Report. I believe that someday history will regard the second half of the twentieth century as the time of the greatest ignorance in all of history. There are really evil people and they do gain power and we are witness to it right now. Ask any Jewish Survivor what they believe. They've been there before.
These "types" have been around for as long as there was society. There is always a faction of that society who are so greedy and ruthless that they'll stop at nothing to achieve their agenda. Most of us don't want to rule the world. Most of us would be satisfied with enough income to raise our families in good, decent conditions and live out our remaining days in comfort. People like us usually can't identify with the evil or the wants of these maniacs, and maniacs they are. No better and no different than the likes of a Ted Bundy. They present themselves as people just like you and me but when the lights go down and they're all alone they're monsters. And they are only the ones we can see. The people who give them their orders don't come out to the light.
Try, just make an effort to envision that what all of these people who you've considered "conspiracy nuts" all of these years are right. I didn't say to believe, I said envision, like it's a movie. Now consider that the plot makes sense. I know it's really scary, we don't want to believe in demons who can take over our bodies as in the "Exorcist" but when have you ever really seen that happen? Now realize all of the politicians and mobsters who have proven ties throughout the years, how many crooked politicians have been ousted. Now, think of all of the really slick men and women, just like them or worse, who have just slipped through the cracks. "Who can know what evil lurks in the mind of man?" Try to be realistic. Is it better to be scared,, or destitute, or dead? Believe it. Look at how many do. They can't all be wrong.
We don't have much time. They've made great strides with the Bush administration and they're still very much in control of everything, right down to this election and the chosen candidates. This should infuriate you. What these bastards are trying to do to you, to your children, your grandchildren. What would you do to someone who tried to take your child's life? That is what they are doing. Be infuriated, fight back! The first step in this fight is to acknowledge the enemy. The enemy is our present government. It is the Establishment.

Is It Possible That George Bush Is A Good Thing?

Maybe having the likes of "W" in office for seven years has given Americans an opportunity to experience first hand how "Corporate America" or the true "Establishment" will run things if they are in total power. Up until now they've remained in the background, pulling strings. George W. has demonstrated the ruthlesness and impunity with which they act as they come out of the closet. Now we know the man behind the curtain.
I may have been wrong.
There's one for the books, I'm one of those guys who people probably say " he always thinks that he's right". Not to my face mind you but that's typical of problems these days. No real communication. No one say's what they really mean. I do. It gets me into trouble more often than not but, everyone knows where I stand and I believe that I invite people to engage in honest open discussion on anything from their opinion of me to how they feel about my opinions. I do this because I can't understand, for instance how now, finally, 75% of the people in this country realize that Bush is a liar and a dictator, or at the very least, a terrible president who will ultimately, by choice, eliminate the middle class in the United States. He is our enemy. I said this 10 years ago. I don't believe that I'm smarter than most people but what I can't understand is how did this man convince enough of the same people who now recognize him for what he truly is to vote for him in the first place. What were they thinking? Why did all of these seemingly intelligent people believe that, who I perceived to be the most obvious lying, evil, snide, obnoxious, epitome of a psycho dictator, George W Bush was a good man with decent intentions?
But now I'm thinking differently. Maybe Bush is a good thing. I didn't say a good man. What'd you think, that I took a stupid pill this morning? I said a good thing. Why? What could be good about a man who, I believe, was involved in allowing the largest terrorist attack in history to occur on our people in order to initiate military action against a country which had no involvement, distracting us from the actual war on terror which we were engaged in Afghanistan?
That's treason, punishable by death. It would take too long to continue individual transgressions but he obviously, with a smirk on his face and a song in his heart, went on to destroy our economy, strengthen the major conglomerates hold of the system over the people, breakdown the Constitution and begin the eradication of our freedoms and civil rights, alienate the people and political parties of our nation, defecate on our world image, alienate every ally we ever had, Ok. Point made?
But wait, didn't I just say he was a good thing? Let's take a different approach.
Our country has been heading down the wrong road for some time now. I believe it began when the first bullet struck JFK. "Oh krist, another conspiracy nut". Whatever. No matter what happened that day or who was involved you have to admit that our country has been on a downward spiral since. Through the Clinton administration we became a circus. Our president is busted for getting blow jobs, like that's never happened before, but this time our entire political process was ground to a halt while he was trying to do his job, keep his family together, trying to defend, or deny his actions, the republicans devoted all of their efforts to,, what? Humiliate him? Prosecute him? For getting a blowjob? For lying? About a blowjob? Let's face it, it was embarrassing for our nation, a distraction from world affairs, another opportunity for corporate America to gain a stronger foothold on not just our economy but our world. The blowjob that shook the world!
It used to send shivers down my spine whenever I used to hear Reagan or Bush sr. bring up the New World Order, the One World. It would blow me away that the rest of the nation didn't have the same reaction. To hear the president of the United States espousing the views of some centuries old cult which has, for many years had questionable relationships and influences within our government scared the sh*t out of me. Why didn't it scare anyone else? No one ever mentioned it. Where was our media. Where was someone else who felt that this was a bit bizarre. Could no one else see, at the very least, what was happening in our government, where all the power was going? Where all the money was going? We're a hard working nation of people. Was the money going to remunerate the working Americans, the people who broke their backs, toiled long hours, got educated, built this country, literally, in the past hundred years? No, it wasn't. It was going to a bunch of fat suits. Inherited wealth, CEO's who claimed to "have the right stuff" or the right contacts, basketball players, super salesmen, and teachers. What? Did I say teachers? Yea,, I was just kiddin. That's my point. WE have the worst public education system in the world and everyone blames teachers. They must have become teachers just for the money because they make the big bucks. Why, here in Florida I know some teachers who make $40,000. a year. Yea, that aint chickenfeed y'know. And if you're reading this and thinking "yea, he's right. That's plenty of money for teachers, or anyone who works 40, 50, 60 hours a week to earn a living" then you must be one of the idiots who voted for Bush.
If you're getting this point then you are why GW Bush is possibly a good thing.
Bush finally opened America's eyes to the idiocy of the system, the growing inequities in the application of law, justice, money, health care, etc.
Now I'm not some liberal (not that liberal is a bad thing, I'm just not what you'd call "a" liberal) who's spouting off about civil rights or the ecology or what have you. There's no agenda, nothing about minorities or issues.
This is about what our country is supposed to be about. Honesty, hard work, family values, these are the thing that used to be the key to success. I don't mean that everyone with these values should become a millionaire, most people don't even want to be millionaires. It's not about the accumulation of wealth. To most people money is just a means to an end. The end being to live a comfortable, not luxurious, existence and to afford to provide the same for their families. These values have been lost in the past half a century and the Bush administration has opened the eyes of most good people to that. The fact that these are the most important things in life, what our country was founded for and that there are those who are so greedy, so arrogant and yes, so evil that they would deny those values and make a mockery of them for nothing more than their own personal gain and financial growth. People are finally becoming aware because of him and they're fed up.
For the first time people are actually talking out loud about revolution, something that's been on the fleeting edge since the sixties. People are finally becoming, not only desperate but angry enough to consider what our forefathers found to be the only answer to tyrants who saw to kill their dreams, destroy the natural human spirit to provide for the welfare of their family by whittling away at their hopes, disallowing them the opportunities to advance themselves even to the point of experiencing true freedom, leaving them to fear the establishment and be satisfied to live in servitude, not daring to endanger the small chance remaining to them to just survive.
George Bush is the epitome of those tyrants and he's in your face.
This election, no matter what the results are, is not going to change the direction in which we're heading. It will only be a distraction to the fact that the powers who are still actually in rule are greedy, evil, bloodsucking tyrants. Bush is only the face of the establishment, putting Obama in his place will not change who he works for. We must keep on vigilance, not be fooled into believing that an election is going to change anything in this country. Open your eyes. We've already seen that an election under our present system is a meaningless joke. We only get to chose from whom the establishment allows us to chose from. It's no accident who is in the running, everything is contrived and if you don't believe that yet then you're only kidding yourself.
It's time to stop being afraid of the realities of our world but to embrace them as your enemy. There's an Arabian proverb to which we should adhere. "Keep your friends close - hold your enemies closer." Don't ever forget that they exist and don't believe that they're not smart. They've gotten this far, they're not going to let a little thing like an election defeat them now.
Still, be careful how you vote. Right now, I trust no one. McCain, to me, is an obvious mistake. But maybe not in the context of this theory. He will obviously carry on in the tradition of Bush, keeping our enemy in our face, continuing to antagonize and rape our nation. And maybe that's a good thing because if we get much more of that there will be revolution. I'm not looking forward to it, it will be an ordeal which will cost many and a trauma which will alter our lives for generations but that's what our forefathers endured to preserve the way of life Americans strive for. Freedom doesn't come without sacrifice. McCain in office may be the antagonist which tips the cart. Four more years of Bush would surely do it. But, by putting Obama in office we're not assured that he's any different, I don't believe he will affect much of the "change" which we really need. I believe that he will just distract us from the truth, from the facts that the same old "Order" is still in power and that we will let down our guard, forget about the real problems and allow ourselves to be lulled back into satisfaction with a system which offers us morsels, with no real solutions to the progressive downward spiral of the quality of life and freedoms for the hard working people of America. People are so easily fooled, so wanting to believe in the good of America that they will forget that the people who now own America don't care about them, only about their own greed, their own attainment of all of the wealth, no matter the cost to anyone else.
So remember, after the election, no matter the outcome, keep your eye on the ball. If we don't see real change, real fast, in our economy, in the strength of working Americans to pull themselves out of the debt we've had to incur just to maintain a comfortable standard of living, our health care system and the cost of pharmaceuticals for everyone, and corporate accountability for the state of our economy then we must continue the fight. Not just for the elderly, nor to be distracted my minorities and special interest groups but for every working American, young or old, black, white or brown, man or woman, We have to end being a nation of special interests. If we take care of working Americans, all working Americans, then and only then can we begin the task of fixing the system to work for all Americans equally.
Vote, but don't let an election end our quest for true equality in our Nation.
The Establishment, One World Order, the New World Order, the powers that be, whatever you want to call it, or them, are not looking out for your best interests. They want to own you. They do own you. They're not "good Christian people", benevolent factions, or great leaders. They are narcissistic, greedy, monstrous people who share no beliefs beyond their own personal gain of power and money, and they do rule. They will continue to rule until they are physically removed from power, by coup, as they came into the power they now hold or by revolution. Don't ever forget it and don't be afraid to speak.
Like I said, maybe Bush is a good thing.


Is It Oil Or Is It Blood?

It's always been my contention that there are more dire implications of oil depletion than simply the consequences which would be felt directly by the human race. There have been many studies and much information available regarding the effects of oil shortages on prices, transportation, alternative energy resources and the like. You can find everything that you could imagine about what will happen to society in the event of the loss of petroleum reserves, everything except what I believe may be the most devastating result of the earth's depletion of oil. What happens to the earth? In the examination of the existence of any particular insect, animal, plant, geological entity or even bacteria we find that each particle, every being has a role in the continuation of the life process of the planet itself, not just on us. It could be a blow to our ego to discover that we are not the most important entity on this planet. As a matter of fact, we are most likely the only presence on earth that not only contributes nothing to the environment but habitually detracts from it or causes it harm. We van find many things which, in our small, self serving minds we consider nuisances or non necessities to us but the fact is that they are only a nuisance to us. Not only do these discomforts not have any negative effects on the environment whatsoever, they all somehow manage to contribute to the cleansing or perpetuation of the healthy growth of our planet.
We see lightning as a destructive force, burning our forests and homes but the fact is that lightning serves a most important function by starting fires which burn off many years of dead growth lying on the forest floor which , if not kept in check would eventually suffocate and destroy all growth. The implications of that would be flooding and an unnatural change in the landscape which would affect far more than the few people who are wealthy enough, although not quite environmentally aware enough, to build a home in the forest. The same applies to humans who insist on living on shorelines, at the base of volcanoes or the edge of a cliff hanging from the side of a mountain. Nature happens and it always,, always has a fundamental purpose. Each action, every animal or insect, even,the invisible to the eye bacteria serve some positive purpose in the perpetual recycling process of the earth. We are the only creatures who would seek to impede that process with such arrogance that when we discover that we have just about expended an entire resource which the earth has spent millions of years manufacturing our only reactions are to hurry up and finish it off and squeeze every last cent out of it before someone else does and concern ourselves only with the problems that we will encounter when there is no more.
Has it occurred to anyone that the earth produces oil for its own purposes and not ours? I'm not a geologist so I tried to research this question, being the nosy, inquisitive person that I am and do you know what I found? Not much.
Apparently, the earth must be producing oil in an attempt to destroy itself before we do. From what I can gather, if we didn't exhume all of the oil there is in the earth it would eventually fill itself up like a water balloon until there was room for no more and would burst in a large fuel fed fireball and we would become a new sun. So, by sucking the world dry and selling off this dreaded liquid to the public at record breaking prices , the oil companies are actually performing acts of humanity, saving the earth, so to speak. And we thought that they weren't green.
Ok, back to reality. I still have this crazy delusion that crude oil, like every other thing on earth (aside from mankind) serves a useful purpose in the regeneration and upkeep of the planet.
Is it possible, since oil is such an excellent natural lubricant, that the earth needs it as a sort of coolant? Suppose that as the tectonic plates slide and grind across each other at unimaginable pressures building up tremendous levels of heat and energy the oil acts as a lubricant to lower friction and keep the planet from one day experiencing a shift of such magnitude it not only alters the landscape above but creates enough energy to literally blow a sizable chunk of the earth into space, creating a new moon called New England. Well, that just sounds preposterous so I suppose there's not any point in even discussing that. I mean, that's about as unbelievable as saying that someday, a man with the mental capacity of a Mexican jumping bean would somehow not be elected but become the president because of a bizarre array of coincidences, like his brother being the governor of the state with the deciding vote which is questioned but ignored because the Congresswoman of that same state, who makes the final decision, is also his campaign manager. How ridiculous is that?
OK then, how about considering that oil may contain certain elements or bacteria which function as an agent for cleansing the lower layer of soil, perhaps filtering and preventing other agents or microbes which may be harmful or deadly to living creatures or the atmosphere from reaching the topsoil and causing a pandemic event which could eliminate life as we know it. Or some other such function. Alright, I suppose when you say that out loud it sounds as stupid as that fictional president, who, after getting in office starts a war that no one wants by lying to everyone about threats which don't exist which goes on for years, contributing to the crash of the economy and lowering our world standing as the most pioneering, strongest ruling country in the world to that of a third world island with a petty dictator. Again, sounds totally impossible.
Try this on. Pockets of oil inside the earth acting as ballast, preventing the globe from wobbling out of control and altering the degree of location and climate of every continent on the sphere. We could wobble ourselves right out of orbit, what do I know?
There could be a multitude of reasons that the earth manufactures oil, the one thing that I'm fairly sure of is that it wasn't intended to be sucked dry by humans for use as a fuel. I mean to say that it's a fairly decent idea as human ideas go as far as a use but do we always put the proper amount of thought into the implications of our actions. Obviously, money blurs, or I should say obliterates our capacity to see much except the figures which follow the dollar sign and the more figures the less we see the effects of our actions on mankind.
Look at all of the multi-million and billionaires on this earth. I would venture that at one time these were decent folk. They maybe, at one time, had much empathy for their fellow man, would never have stood for, nevermind contributed to the madness which ensues when families struggle, people work so hard, at so many jobs to pay the bills, keep food on their families, save for their children's educations or, perish the thought, get seriously ill. All because the more figures that follow the dollar sign, the more they have to have and they have actually become blind to the fact that all of these people suffer simply because they themselves can't get enough. They don't care that they themselves are the reason that the world is going mad and they don't even dare ask what effects they're having on the ecology. Not greenhouse gasses, not water pollution, not even that they may somehow literally demolish the planet, themselves included.
Now, if there's a geologist in the house, could you please explain the basic function of crude oil on the earth and why should we be careful not to run out?
Or, is oil just the planet's excrement and we're doing it a favor by giving it enemas?


Take Your Poll And Shove It.

Take Your Poll And Shove It. Current mood: rebellious Category: News and Politics
I love polls, they give you something to hang on to when the wind is blowing but they don't tell you a thing about who wins elections.The republicans have made a science out of elections, they've done something that the democrats aren't capable of, they've examined the facts. The dem's, they run on hope.
In 2000, republicans literally stole,, as in coup d'état, the presidency. Then they watched how the dem's and their followers reacted. They found that they didn't. Dems pissed and moaned but in the end a republican was the president. No doubt, this gave them confidence in "04" and self confidence goes a long way in a campaign but there's also a lot to be said for luck, or, whatever it was that made Kerry stop campaigning and climbing into a hole a week before elections. Again, bush walked into office. How could that happen? A man who brought us to war with lies, destroyed our credibility around the world and crushed the economy for the middle class gets re-elected? That presents, for me, a query which will remain until my last breath. My thoughts are that it took a lot of money in Kerry's pocket but then I'm one of those "nuts" who believe that certain sectors of our govt. had a strong hand in killing JFK and John Lennon. How silly of me! But still, a moron remains as president (just ask anyone, even the morons who actually voted for him) and here we are, 2008 and who, rather than the logical choice, the one man who would beat any republican and do the job which needs to be done, that being John Edwards, is in the run-off in the primaries? A Black and a Woman! What the fuck?
Does it really matter which one wins? We all lose. No way a black man or a woman will beat a white man. That's not what I want but that's what will happen in the real world.
How can I say this without coming off racist or chauvinist? I guess I can't so I'll just say what I think.This is still America, land of the free, home of the racists and chauvinists. And the republicans know this. Why? Because they pay attention, not like the naive dems, hoping for an historic win, no matter who. Republicans know that there are sectors of our population who haven't answered any polls or made any public appearances but will walk through fire rather than see a Black (they don't call him that) or a Woman (they don't call her that either) as President of their United States and they will come out and vote when the time comes, for ANYTHING other than an "N" or a "B"! Get my drift? "Oh, no" you say, "this is the 21st century. We're not like that anymore." Well, maybe you're not, but there are a hell of a lot of people who are and they don't hide it. You just don't happen to know them or live around them but there are many "small towns" and "groups" who still have a 1950s mindset and even gather themselves as (now hold your heart) the KKK or the New Nazi's. Yup. And you know what else? That next door neighbor who always says things like "It's nice to see that a colored can finally get to be President in this country"? He ain't votin for no "colored" or no "bitch", excuse my vernacularism. He'd rather give a vote to "the Bush squad" than to even think about the alternative. Another republican, carrying on the bush legacy, destroying our country, is in office in 2008. Is that what you really want?How can this country, or so many in this country, be so blind? I almost said stupid but that's not nice,, but, whitey, please !! Can you people not see or is everyone just so goddamn afraid to see? Does it frighten everyone so much that our country is no longer the "progressive, God fearing, war winning, hero of the world" that we just won't see it? Is it so frightening to believe that major corporations have taken over our government, really, and will send our children off to war to kill innocents and get killed or maimed for no other reason than dollars,,, MONEY, that you'll still vote for a murderer just because he says "God bless America"? What the fuck is that? Is everyone really that scared? Well shit, if they are then why not change it? ANY WAY WE CAN. If we can't change it with our votes because they just don't mean anything anymore then we can find other means. There are always alternatives but only if we think. Problem is , we've become afraid to think. If you're afraid to think then surely, you're afraid to fight. But you're gonna have to fight, or your children will, or, they will suffer. And their children will suffer even more because as long as we have rulers who value riches and power more than the lives of others we will only sink lower in the economic scale as we truly become "indentured servants", living only to "pay back" the debt we have incurred to live the lifestyle presented to us on TV. "Everyone has everything so why don't you?" Right along side with the "you can have it all now" credit cards, pushed and shoved at us in the mail, online, on TV and with every purchase we make in any large dept store. "Live it up!!" You can have it all. It's just like magic. You can squeeze that "one more payment" in there.

Doesn't anyone see what's happening? It's no accident, it's all in the plan. You can't look at the big picture and not believe that someone wants to own you! You have to pay for everything that you own. How will you do that?? You're going to work. You won't dare lose that job. Ask for a raise? uh uh, Larry did that last month and got fired. Get used to the money you make and don't make waves. You've got kids, you could lose everything. But hey, great break. You just got promoted to manager with a raise! But now you have to work as many hours as it takes to get the "job" done, and weekends,, and "overtime pay"? Nah, you're on salary now, ain't no time and a half no more. Was that really a raise after all? You work 65 hrs instead of 40 for only another $20. a week?? You're lucky though, it was either that promotion or you were terminated.
Hasn't happened to you yet? Has it happened to anyone you know?
You don't believe that there's anything deliberate going on? Wake up. Think. Don't be afraid to think. It's the only thing that you'll be allowed to do if you don't take action NOW.
Keep republicans OUT of office. Hold Democrats accountable for ALL of their actions. No excuses.
Outlaw ALL lobbyists, all contributions to any single politician or cause and make all contributions made anonymous. No deviating. These are the things that are important to us. Not Islamic extremists. Not imaginary terrorists. Sure, there are terrorists, but we're more interested in them than they are in us. They fuck with us because we involve ourselves in their affairs. Sure, we need to watch out for them, but we do. This republican bullshit that we haven't had an attack since 9/11 is an all out fucking lie. We're attacked every time a soldier is killed or maimed in the middle east. And why are we attacked? Because we are THERE!!!!!! Get it? Republicans are lying, thought manipulating, torturing, murdering, bastards. Kinda harsh? You fuckin bet. And you better get it too because they won't be happy until the whole fuckin world is serving them, making their money machine turn, making them all Kings and making us all their slaves. Will you look at history? Can you not see what and how other dictators and fascists took their countries? No one believed it could happen but how many people died and how many cities destroyed in Europe in WW1 and WWll? They were just like us! Keep looking back, all the way to the Roman Empire. They were all destroyed by the greed of the leaders, because the people got complaisant and let the armies rule without question. What makes us different? Nothing but time. Get scared. Get awake. Pay attention. And remember, keep your eye on the democrats but be afraid of the republicans. Keep them out of office or you'll pay the ultimate price, with your children.

That's pretty fuckin scary to me.


Are Americans Stupid?

I keep wondering, "how did Bush last in office this long without getting imeached or assasinated? He's the most unpopular president Ive seen in my life."The problem is that voters don't remember anything, they never do. In another reply a writer stated a story with the gist that "Americans are stupid". I can't be so arrogant as to concur but it sure makes me question the motives of people who actually elected a PROVEN fool and dictator in 2004. After 4 years of absolute horror ( 9/11, invading Iraq, diminishing middle class, etc.) I'd have thought , and I did, that people would have blown him out of office. That's when I learned just how much the corruption had spread throughout the entire political spectrum.

Kerry, a born loser, was deliberately "placed" as the democratic candidate because he was most likely to lose. Edwards (who I voted for in the primaries) would have sunk Bush and never lay down whereas Kerry was running close and actually layed down in the last two weeks of the election. The democrats were complicit in another coup, just as guilty as the republicans in 2000. Pelosi was the icing on the cake.

230 years ago men died fighting less injustice and corruption than we face today. I'm not advocating a revolutionary war, not with violence but we, the people, have so much more power today in the way of elections and numbers we should be able to QUICKLY remove any tyrant AND their administration from office. The problem is that we don't know how to use that power when we have no leadership (remember, the democrats ARE the republicans) and a third party or solitary runner, in our system, has no chance since everyone is too busy trying to keep what we perceive to be the worst of the worst out of office and doesn't want to chance throwing away a vote.

What's the answer? READ, educate yourself and then think and TALK, without fighting, to come to common sense conclusions.There's always a lot of talk about conspiracy "nuts" and , agree, many are overboard. BUT, there's also a lot of substantial evidence to warrant serious investigation in many instances. Remember, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck!"Don't be afraid of the truth just because it seems too incredible to be true.We are Americans, we used to be admired, respected and feared around the world. Now we're buffoons. Let's get Real!


Are You Scared Now?

The scary thing is that he (Bush) was a known fool as far back as the late 90's and still got elected, twice. What's that saying about America and the publics awareness? Perhaps Yale should add-on?!

The above was a comment in this weeks "Huffington Post". It struck me in that it points out the problem without knowing it. He's questioning America's public awareness which, I agree, is the scource of the problem. He demonstrates this aptly in his comment although he believes that the bottom line problem is that Bush is a fool. Granted, Bush plays the fool well and he is one hateful little prick but who, truly, is the fool?

So now I ask, is it scary that a "fool" managed to get elected to the highest office in the world?

No, the scary thing is that he did NOT get elected and the election and the count was interfered with, without candor, by Bush's obvious cohorts, such as his brother, who just happened to be Governor of the state of Florida and Katherine Harris, co-chairwoman of the Fl. Bush-Cheney campaign committee and on and on. (all one has to do is read just a bit) http://www.consortiumnews.com/2001/112101a.html

This is the scary part. Not that Bush and everyone associated with him are lying cheats, Ive always been aware of this, but that everyone from the people to the leaders of the Democratic party, to the highest officials in the land ALLOWED this to transpire without any real attempt to right this horrendous wrong. I feel like I'm trapped in "The Omen III". All I could think was "what in the world is wrong with everyone? A coup d'etat is underway and no one is lifting a finger to stop it. And no one did. If ever I was jaded to the system, now I'm in total distrust of anyone who was in any position of power, Republican and Democrat alike and who said nothing, did nothing to stop a process which I believed was relegated only to third world countries,, not our precious "Home of the Free". Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely naive to the absolute corruption in corporate America and politics. I just never believed that the two could join forces in such an obvious attempt to overcome our government without any opposition from our in place government. Where were all of the Democrats? The so-called "liberals" who stand against everything such an act represents?
Where was the "Almighty" Ted Kennedy, absolute saviour of "the People"? I came to the realization that corporate America has a stranglehold on our entire political system. All of the years of lobbying, chumming and hanging out had finally paid off. They "bought" America, lock, stock and barrel, one piece at a time. The pharmaceutical companies, insurance industry, automobile manufacturers and so on, finally own our leaders. We have a chance, maybe, to clean this mess up. I don't see too many candidates up to the task, least not a Republican. I claim allegiance to no party so I'm not just falling back on the Democrats. I see very little promise there either. I see power mongers and well intentioned but naive candidates and just plain unqualified hopefuls but there's only one man who I see is fully aware of the issues and isn't afraid to attack them. He can identify with Americans, not the top 20% but the Nation as a whole, he clearly sees the problems and sincerely wants a fix, no bullshit, he doesn't care whose toes he steps on. The last President I remember with that attitude took a bullet to his head for his trouble. I hope John Edwards has enough foresight to keep that in mind. I hope that the people of this nation also recognize the problems and aren't blinded by the ridiculous divisiveness which has overtaken our populace. I always believed that we were smarter than this, to not see that the infighting between party lines is just another facade produced by the corporate rule to prevent any harmonious intercourse across party lines. These people are adept at using diversionary tactics to twist public perception. Terrorism is their main tool. They warn us to beware terrorism, we must fight terrorism, be afraid, be very afraid. Well I agree, somewhat. We must beware terrorists, fight terrorists! But first, we must identify the terrorists. It is they, the current administration, corporate government. The fact is that they have gained utter and complete power over our government and they are master manipulators of facts. Us? We are rubes, naieve and innocent to the powers of our government's terrorist tactics which they use on us like a shell game. We only have to wise up and think for ourselves. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric, "liberals want to take all of our property and divide it up between the have-nots". Pure bullshit! Nobody wants to take anything from anyone. That's been the problem right along. Corporate greed and power have allowed profiteers to literally take the livleyhoods away from the American working man and woman. They take it in the form of pathetic, unlivable wages to assure incredible profits and salaries for themselves, not caring how the people who make that money for them survive. And believe me, I'm not talking about the pathetic minimum wage standards, try to raise a family on as much as $10.00 an hour. Sounds good, huh? Well, for the many, many of you who do it, how's that working out for ya? Nevermind what some ultra-conservative pencil pusher or radio talk show host has figured out. I challenge anyone who say's it's possible to put away the credit cards, move out of your $250,000 home and have a shot at it for a year. Be sure to load up on xanax and anti-depressants. But wait,, I've been talking about people who are even lucky enough to have a job. Bush say's there are plenty of jobs out there. We make a whole lotta noise about Mexicans taking them away from us, taking all of those imaginary $40,000 a year jobs from poor, hardworking Americans. But wait just a minute,, if Bush is so concerned about Mexicans taking all of our good jobs then why doesn't he do something to discourage our buyers from purchasing goods from China? How about offering incentives to manufacturers to open factories here, and pay truly reasonable wages and benefits to their workers? I believe that if people were making honarable wages they wouldn't mind paying a bit more for American made quality. But I digress. My point, I'm sorry if you may have to go back to find it, is that we must not succomb to the scare tactics used by extremist conservatives. No one is going to take your property. I myself am conservative, I think. It's difficult to tell anymore. And there's a reason for that, if you don't know what "group" you belong to then you won't know who to agree with, disagree with, or vote for. It's all very crafty and it all works. Just look around. And wake up!

Now,, is THAT scary?