Impeach or Be Afraid

We will be coming into mid-term elections very soon. We NEED to get Bush AND his administration out of office NOW.
The only way this can be accomplished is for our leaders in the Democratic party to initiate Impeachment procedures NOW.
If they insist on being derelict in their duties to perform in the best interest of the people who put them in office then it is our duty at Novembers elections to REMOVE all incumbents from their seats and vote for leadership.
We have never needed the strength in representation in the Democratic Party that we do now. Our Future as citizens and as a respected World Power is totally dependant on how the Democratic leaders respond to our plight NOW.
No excuses, no 'let's try a different approach', nothing other than impeachment.
This administration has demonstrated time and time again it's inability to be truthful to the American public (at the cost of thousands of lives) or to take to task issues which are critical, not only to America, to a well balanced economy, to ending our involvement in war in the Middle East, to environmental issues and enforcing the laws on immigration.
These issues are only scratching the surface of the subterfuge this administration has engaged in from the beginning of Bush's bid for the Presidency in 2000.
Until we wake up and realize the quagmire in which we've become steeped in we will only sink deeper in dispair. You may not feel it's full effects now but when the proverbial 'shit hits the fan' the only umbrellas will be had by people or entitys with a high 7 to 8 digit net worth !
We can do only one of two things at this junction.
Demand that our Democratic leaders do the Job that we elected them to and initiate procedures to remove (Impeach) the entire Bush administration (as there is no longer '1 bad apple') or BE AFRAID,,be VERY afraid !!