Today You Have An Opportunity To Make Them Pay The Price

If I have to sit and listen to one more person with an income of half a million or more and a portfolio worth more than what most of us earn in a lifetime tell us why we must bail out big businesses who, in their greed and stupidity have managed to put their businesses in the red to the tune of two hundred million dollars I think I'm going puke.
To add insult to injury, they tell us that through our own ignorance in acquiring mortgages and credit card beyond our means we must now cut back. Are they talking to us? Well, they must be talking about us because there's no reason for them to listen to this bullshit. They're too worried about whether or not we buy it. You can almost hear the desperation in their velvet voices as they almost beg to be heard. The thing is though, they're telling the absolute truth, in a twisted sort of way. They are in big trouble, it will be a Armageddon, for them! When they say we screwed up, we are going to have to cut back, we lived beyond our means and now we're going to have to pay for it, they mean it. They are going to have one hell of a miserable time. They're going to have to put up with what we have had to put up with years, some of us, all of our lives. Gee. I feel badly for them......................No I don't. And don't you.

They don't care whether we live or die. Don't believe it? Know anyone who's gone to Iraq? Or how about just the poor innocent civilians, women with their children in their arms being murdered in the name of democracy? How about the poor souls in the Towers on 9/11? Did they or do they care about these people? I don't think so, they want to keep the war going for a hundred years, and add a few more to boot. Can't have too many wars. Real frikkin humanitarians. I don't feel a thing for them but contempt, and now the tables have turned.

If we don't allow the bailouts, all of those greedy, ten million dollar a year CEO's and investors are heading for some hard times. Tough shit. It's about damn time. While they took advantage of credit cards and mortgages for the sole reason of earning money and enjoying themselves at it, we have used credit cards and low interest rates to try to pull ourselves out of a hole by consolidating debts and refinancing at a lower interest rate and using credit cards to try and meet our obligations and live a life at the same time.

I think that these people are the bottom of the heap and they're willing to let the majority of this country live harder than we already are so that they can continue to live in the custom that they've acquired. Fuck them. I'm fed up and I'm sorry about the language but I've had just about enough.

It's time for us to stop this crap once and for all. They pull this shit at every election, it's a vulnerable time in America. We're already at odds at having to chose a new leader, all of a sudden there's a problem that's been brewing for years but it has to break one month before an election. What perfect timing for a bunch of clueless idiots. Well we are not clueless and we're not idiots but we have been in the past. No more.

They are going to post the current bailout package on the internet this afternoon. I'm doing this as quickly as I can to get it out before it's too late. If you want to put a stop to this , go to http://www.nowallstreetbailout.com/ and sign the petition.
If we keep feeling sorry for rich people who play with money like it's only a piece of paper (that was a joke, get it?) we're going to lose our yachts, our three month vacations and some of our cars. We will have to clean our own houses and wash our own clothes. And who the hell is going to keep up those lawns?

Do you understand? Are you willing to give up even more than you have because of that? Because that's all it really boils down to.
Don't bail them out, we have nothing to gain and everything to lose. How many more years will you be suckered in by that great Reagenesque "trickle down" theory? Has anything trickled down on you lately? It did, you just didn't feel it when Paulson said, "Piss on those bastards."
In another one of their vain attempts to sucker the little guy as they've been doing for the last hundred years they have finally stepped in it. Eight years of George Bush has opened this country's eyes to what the extreme right really means to America. We have to realize that this is not necessarily the Republican Party itself but what I consider a renegade offshoot comprised of an extremely rich, extremely religious, extremely powerful and more than all else, extremely fanatical small percentage of the country, or I should say, the world. We almost let these people take our country. We're not out of it yet, we still have to be sure that McCain hasn't got a chance. He will doom America, I have no doubt in my mind. I'm not smart, I'm not claiming to be but I haven't been wrong about a president's legacy in 50 years. I said eight years ago that Bush was the beginning of the end. He did everything that I said he would to this country and then some. McCain is worse.
Go vote.


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