Are You Scared Now?

The scary thing is that he (Bush) was a known fool as far back as the late 90's and still got elected, twice. What's that saying about America and the publics awareness? Perhaps Yale should add-on?!

The above was a comment in this weeks "Huffington Post". It struck me in that it points out the problem without knowing it. He's questioning America's public awareness which, I agree, is the scource of the problem. He demonstrates this aptly in his comment although he believes that the bottom line problem is that Bush is a fool. Granted, Bush plays the fool well and he is one hateful little prick but who, truly, is the fool?

So now I ask, is it scary that a "fool" managed to get elected to the highest office in the world?

No, the scary thing is that he did NOT get elected and the election and the count was interfered with, without candor, by Bush's obvious cohorts, such as his brother, who just happened to be Governor of the state of Florida and Katherine Harris, co-chairwoman of the Fl. Bush-Cheney campaign committee and on and on. (all one has to do is read just a bit) http://www.consortiumnews.com/2001/112101a.html

This is the scary part. Not that Bush and everyone associated with him are lying cheats, Ive always been aware of this, but that everyone from the people to the leaders of the Democratic party, to the highest officials in the land ALLOWED this to transpire without any real attempt to right this horrendous wrong. I feel like I'm trapped in "The Omen III". All I could think was "what in the world is wrong with everyone? A coup d'etat is underway and no one is lifting a finger to stop it. And no one did. If ever I was jaded to the system, now I'm in total distrust of anyone who was in any position of power, Republican and Democrat alike and who said nothing, did nothing to stop a process which I believed was relegated only to third world countries,, not our precious "Home of the Free". Don't get me wrong, I'm not completely naive to the absolute corruption in corporate America and politics. I just never believed that the two could join forces in such an obvious attempt to overcome our government without any opposition from our in place government. Where were all of the Democrats? The so-called "liberals" who stand against everything such an act represents?
Where was the "Almighty" Ted Kennedy, absolute saviour of "the People"? I came to the realization that corporate America has a stranglehold on our entire political system. All of the years of lobbying, chumming and hanging out had finally paid off. They "bought" America, lock, stock and barrel, one piece at a time. The pharmaceutical companies, insurance industry, automobile manufacturers and so on, finally own our leaders. We have a chance, maybe, to clean this mess up. I don't see too many candidates up to the task, least not a Republican. I claim allegiance to no party so I'm not just falling back on the Democrats. I see very little promise there either. I see power mongers and well intentioned but naive candidates and just plain unqualified hopefuls but there's only one man who I see is fully aware of the issues and isn't afraid to attack them. He can identify with Americans, not the top 20% but the Nation as a whole, he clearly sees the problems and sincerely wants a fix, no bullshit, he doesn't care whose toes he steps on. The last President I remember with that attitude took a bullet to his head for his trouble. I hope John Edwards has enough foresight to keep that in mind. I hope that the people of this nation also recognize the problems and aren't blinded by the ridiculous divisiveness which has overtaken our populace. I always believed that we were smarter than this, to not see that the infighting between party lines is just another facade produced by the corporate rule to prevent any harmonious intercourse across party lines. These people are adept at using diversionary tactics to twist public perception. Terrorism is their main tool. They warn us to beware terrorism, we must fight terrorism, be afraid, be very afraid. Well I agree, somewhat. We must beware terrorists, fight terrorists! But first, we must identify the terrorists. It is they, the current administration, corporate government. The fact is that they have gained utter and complete power over our government and they are master manipulators of facts. Us? We are rubes, naieve and innocent to the powers of our government's terrorist tactics which they use on us like a shell game. We only have to wise up and think for ourselves. Don't be fooled by the rhetoric, "liberals want to take all of our property and divide it up between the have-nots". Pure bullshit! Nobody wants to take anything from anyone. That's been the problem right along. Corporate greed and power have allowed profiteers to literally take the livleyhoods away from the American working man and woman. They take it in the form of pathetic, unlivable wages to assure incredible profits and salaries for themselves, not caring how the people who make that money for them survive. And believe me, I'm not talking about the pathetic minimum wage standards, try to raise a family on as much as $10.00 an hour. Sounds good, huh? Well, for the many, many of you who do it, how's that working out for ya? Nevermind what some ultra-conservative pencil pusher or radio talk show host has figured out. I challenge anyone who say's it's possible to put away the credit cards, move out of your $250,000 home and have a shot at it for a year. Be sure to load up on xanax and anti-depressants. But wait,, I've been talking about people who are even lucky enough to have a job. Bush say's there are plenty of jobs out there. We make a whole lotta noise about Mexicans taking them away from us, taking all of those imaginary $40,000 a year jobs from poor, hardworking Americans. But wait just a minute,, if Bush is so concerned about Mexicans taking all of our good jobs then why doesn't he do something to discourage our buyers from purchasing goods from China? How about offering incentives to manufacturers to open factories here, and pay truly reasonable wages and benefits to their workers? I believe that if people were making honarable wages they wouldn't mind paying a bit more for American made quality. But I digress. My point, I'm sorry if you may have to go back to find it, is that we must not succomb to the scare tactics used by extremist conservatives. No one is going to take your property. I myself am conservative, I think. It's difficult to tell anymore. And there's a reason for that, if you don't know what "group" you belong to then you won't know who to agree with, disagree with, or vote for. It's all very crafty and it all works. Just look around. And wake up!

Now,, is THAT scary?


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