The Constitution of the United States,,What DO you know ??

The Constitution

I know my rights ! I can say whatever I want ! I have a right to bear arms !

'Really? What ever gave you that idea?'

Why , the Constitution ! We're a Democracy ? We have our freedoms, it's all there in the Constitution !

'You know that because it's in the Constitution? Are you sure you don't mean the Bill of Rights? '

Well,, maybe , but I know we are free, this is a Democracy, they give us our freedoms !

'Are you sure that you don't mean the Declaration of Independence?'

Yea, yea, it doesn't matter ,those things give us all of our rights!

'Do they,,are you sure? When's the last time you read any of those documents? Have you ever even read these documents yourself? It would seem that if your banking all of your freedom and rights on them that you would want to know what they say, what they mean, what's been changed, ratified, how does this affect you?'

Then, something occurred to me! All of a sudden I felt really dumb! Then I started to feel just a little bit of fear!
How could I have let this happen? What is the matter with me? With everyone? I hadn't looked at any of these documents since I was in High School . That was thirty five years ago! I couldn't tell you a damn thing about any of these documents! What if every thing I thought I knew just from hearing it over and over again was,in fact,wrong?

Do you know what this means? Just what are the ramifications of being wrong most of my life? Depending on our
so called 'leaders', the News and news shows' even comedians to keep us informed! Comedians!! Sheesh!
What the hell have I done? When did I forget the ideals and values that I held so dear in the 'sixties',?
When did I give up the concept of keeping myself informed? Why would I do that?

It began in the mid 'seventies'! It started as I began to lose all faith in our so called'leaders'. After the 'war' ended and troops were coming home to find that the government ,and even some people, just plain gave up on them. Their story just wasn't important anymore. It was important to 'have fun'!

All of a sudden there was 'dynamite' weed available, it would 'blow you away'. Cocaine was all over the place, every body who was , or found themselves to be 'hip' had at least a gram,(unless you were a CEO or high exec, then you had an 'eightball') on your person at all times. It was a real 'Babe' grabber! Then came Qualudes, whoa,,.it was a chore to remember that you were really a person. That your actions actually had an effect on anyone else, your wife, husband,
kids, parents,who gave a shit!? We were totally'wasted'!
It's pretty hard to keep up with national affairs when you had your head in a cloud ,(or more likely, up your ass)!
There were divorces and bankruptcies flowing down the hill like an avalanche of snow. Lawyers were lovin life.
Everybodies life was comming unravelled.

Then, I started coming out of my (slump?)! I noticed something, or took notice of something that was there all along.
I worked in a Downtown area, I saw 'crack or rock'on the streets for the first time in the late seventies. Nobody even knew about it outside of downtown.
Then, here comes the six o'clock 'news'(or as I called it,"The Crack Commercial')
"It's invading the ghettos and it will soon be coming to you. This is what it looks like! This is how you smoke it ,and it's REALLY cheap! You can pull up to any downtown corner and you to can have that Invigorating high for about ten dollars !"

What the hell were they doing?? I couldn't believe my eyes! They actually did a Crack commercial! NO body out side of those areas was using. All of a sudden I start to see preppy little white girls and boys coming through, riding by the corners,down the side streets, picking up their 'prescriptions'! Some would get 'ripped off, beat up or just flat out robbed and raped. I watched all thos pretty little white faces drawn up and sallow ! They aged 20 years in two months. There
wasn't anything they wouldn't do for a 'bump'! Even sell there bodies in the back seat or an alley.

It was then that I realized that this is the way every single 'drug', prescription or not, gets introduced to suburbia. The news!The 'so-called'liberal media.
'Keep'em stoned. The slackers are gonna find it anyway.We're just informing their parents so that they'll know what to look for'! So say the media. 'Bullshit"! They were selling for the government. Do you think that a little black boy on a corner imports a ton of cocaine and turns it into rock ?
The parents knew what to look for when all of a sudden all of their jewelry was missing, cash started disappearing from their dressers,check books were taken and bank accounts drained! Their little babies looking like third world refugees!
I watched this and I realized that this is the way every drug gets introduced to suburbia ,the Media'!

Now, here I am, over twenty years later, after finally getting my life on track, so busy trying to live the 'American Dream',mouthing off about the government and how it's become a disaster, a dictatorship in my opinion and it suddenly occurs to me. I haven't refreshed myself with any information on the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and all of the ratifications or even the Declaration of Independence! Shame, Shame on me!! I call myself an American. For all I know , with this joker running the country (into the ground) I could be an illegal alien and I'll wake some day to someone knocking on my door, telling me I have to leave the Country.

I just went on Amazon.com and ordered three books,
'The Declaration of Independance by Wim Colemen,'
'The Bill of Rights: A History in Documents,' and
'The Constitution of the United States'.
I paid less than twenty dollars for all three books, a small price to pay to find out if what I think I know is the truth.
I can't believe that at fifty four years old I've forgotten the most valuable lesson that I learned in the 'sixties'.
"Trust No One"!
If you think that you are well informed because you listen to the news or read books then I suggest you re-evaluate your beliefs and read the real thing. The Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Independance.
Find out what you really don't know!
All you need to do is go to www.Amazon.com ,it couldn't be simpler, or cheaper!
Wize Up !!!


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