Another Monster

I recently read a post arguing that Dick Cheney is not a 'terrorist' . I'm afraid that I must aggree.He is most definitely not a 'terrorist' !
He is, however, a lying, thieving, manipulator who uses and or abuses his office to benefit his accomplices at the cost of not only American lives but through his reckless endeavors the lives and safety of millions of people around the globe.
Conservatives, Right wing Religious extremests, Republicans, whatever you want to call them , are more dangerous to the welfare of the world than any terrorist sects we could possibly anticipate. Terrorists strike ! A shot ! A bus,,a bulding ,they shock us, they hurt many people, they are vile, malicious , contemptable miscreants who deserve nothing less than the worst punishment we could devise.
Dick Cheneys create situations. Situations that affect the lives and livlihoods of millions upon millions of people in the most negative of ways. Manipulating economies of countries, including not leastly our own ,to value or de-value the currency or products ,to create jobs where there are none , to eliminate jobs where needed the most, to oblige the richest of societies, those who need the least at the cost of everything to the lower and middle classes of societies ! This does not make one an American Hero. It makes one a dangerous, narcissistic, heartless, crooked piece of humanity who engages in lying, trickery and cronyism at the cost of the majority, many who are litterally blinded by his bullshit and don't even realize that they themselves are victims.
The American public are finally beginning to see the Emperor's clothes. The problem with the American public is that it is so fickle and forgetful that if something isn't done immediately it will all be washed away like the sands of time.God help us all !


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