I enter my name in demand of am Independent Katrina Commission . This should be quite an easy feat,considering that we have , on tape, in front of the nation, confessions from the very top of the Government,our so-called President, that he assumes FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the disaster that killed an untold number of people and destroyed an entire city. I believe that in a federal court this would be called a 'Confession'! That being said, we have the number one requirement to persue federal charges .We have a President who, in front of America, assumed full responsibility for the lack of action taken before and after the storm.That would be considered criminal (at least if I were on trial and the main evidence was my confession which was broadcast live to the jury )Now , here comes the kicker,God, I love this man ,now that he's established he is guilty( oh ! I mean responsible) He is going to form a comission to find out WHO'S RESPONSIBLE !!!!I told ya, this guy slays me ! Hey, if I ever commit a felony I hope that I get to pick the jury ! Will this guy never be held accounable
for ANYTHING that he's assumed responsibility for ??
Maybe we should just forget about it, after all, it sure did mess up his vacation !!!!


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