Enough is Enough !!

Enough is enough ! ALL of our troops should be recalled NOW !Has Bush and all of his staunch supporters finally gotten the message? It appeared that way as I listened to Bush make his speach on the day before he was finally going to make his showing in Mississippi. What I saw was a leader so devastated with fear he could do no more than read his notes. And he's "looking forward to the trip"? Does he think this is just another one of is little vacations or photo ops? I sure didn't see the same man who was hugging firemen and yucking it up with Giuliani on 9/11. I say a very frightened president who knows that while he was having so much fun at his ranch that he neglected to act before the storm in evacuating people who were too poor to help themselves get out of harms way ,costing lives and putting thousands in harms way. I saw a president who couldn't even empathize with those people, who were definitely not his 'base', and even give a thought to what they're going through. What I saw was a president ,who screwed up so badly, realizing for once that HE was being held accountable for the the devastation and horror that was a direct result of his failure to perform his presidential duties. I saw a president who was so scared and confused that he had to call his daddy and a prior democratic president to help get him out of the mess he created. This was the first time that this moron has tried to escape the cameras view. Where are his little quips and chuckles now? What's happened to that arrogant posturing, that tone of superiority, that 'smirk' that someone should have slapped off his face a long time ago? Strong talk? What do you expect ? His actions are impeachable. He has grossly neglected his duties as Chief Executive ! This isn't even the first time, this is just finally the one time he can't pass blame off to someone else. Don't accept excuses . Let's concentrate our efforts on helping the poor souls caught up in his horror show, then let's get the entire Bush administration out of office and replace them with responsible leaders who genuinely care about the PEOPLE of the United States of America !


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