Where Should the Buck Stop ??

Should Bush be held accountable for the quagmire HE (as in 'the buck stops here' policy he promised in his primaries) has created in Iraq? Answer; Of course. It's non-debatable!
Why is it that the man of the highest political stature in the World should not answer questions related to a promise he made to the American public in order to be elected to the office? Aside from the unmitigated gall what kind of example does he set for the children of this nation? This is an extremely dangerous precedent, not only for the up-coming generation but also for the populous in general . This is shameful and ANY ONE who would
twist this promise with semantics , as Ric Keller will undoubtedly do, as Bushes' sheep will always do, should be held accountable in the next elections!
#2; Should we get out of Iraq NOW? Absolutely ! As most Americans finally realize we should not have gone there in the first place. In the same manner in
which he conducted a coup de gras in order to assume the office in which the majority of people voted for his opponent, he LIED, he knows he lied, most of
the Country knows he lied and even worse, the whole world knows that HE LIED in order to attack Iraq. And now, the war is over, has been ever since he
landed on that aircraft carrier in that silly flight suit, (not silly to the men and women who wear that uniform and risk their lives in it every day, but silly on that
chicken $#+! draft dodger) and announced " The War is Over", we have triumphed ! So why are we still fighting ? Haven't we done enough ? Aren't they so
much better off, as the president says , than they were? Don't you think that enough propaganda has been spun, enough Americans have been
killed,(comparatively luckier than the poor unfortunates who have been brutally blown apart, missing limbs, faces, minds etc.) hasn't this country been divided
more than I've witnessed since JFK was murdered?
It's awfully sad that in such a short amount of time a crew of lying , sidestepping , con-men ( very intelligent ,skillful in the art of deception ) could be
assembled in the light of the world. The EXTREME Right wing is closing the gap between the classes at an unprecedented rate of speed and they've managed to convince people who should run away as fast as they can. Did any of you witness the speach Bush made in the last election , when he quipped to a croud of multi-millionares 'what we have here tonight is the haves,, and the have-mores, some people call you rich, I call you my base' !! Doesn't that scare
you? Which class do you think you'll wind up in !Do you think your safe. Maybe you should take a better look at your finances and start learning how to live
like those people you don't give a second look to, and that's not to say that your a bad person, it's just that at the pace you have to keep and the
responsibilities you've assumed you probably can't take your mind off the race for too long .
BUT Hey !!!! Don't Worry !!!!!!!
I have a SYSTEM !! Isn't that what we all want? A way to straighten out this mess we’ve created !!!~
A ; EVERYONE in favor of the war . JOIN the military. Have everyone in your household (with the exception of 1 child care giver ) Sign up to go
overseas. What ? that would create too many hardships for us. Well, like you said to that 20 yr old father of an unborn baby 'Tuff, suck it up) !!! ) There'll
be plenty of highly trained managers, physicians and God loving Christian soldiers to twist they're heads around and convince them that they’re all the most highly
trained , motivated people in the world and the Lord Jesus Christ is right there beside them, all they have to do is reach out ! You too can be just like
America !! A once great Nation who let a bunch of spoiled , rich cowboy wannabees literally dance into the White house, with the help of another bubba in
Florida and destroy the credibility of this country for years to come. What were we thinking? Couldn't we se it coming? The right Wing assaults on Clinton
for a solid 8 years ,tearing the fabric of our Nation ! In front of the whole world !! Every dirty trick, conceivable lie, every single word cutting us apart, in
front of the whole world !!!What do they think of us now!!!
We can fix it. We're the only ones who can fix it.
Demand accountability !!! Right Now !!! Get out of Iraq, NOW, before that moron starts dropping bombs on Iran, or North Korea, or Canada !! And
start worrying about that probable Nuclear Device or that more than likely Really Dirty bomb that offers up a much better concoction of un-named,
incurable viruses, which our country continues to produce ! We've lost a lot of that crap, never could account for it. Geez, what if ALL of that fell into the
same hands.? Man, I don't even want to go there !!!


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