One Country ??

I don't know what pisses me off more, the Jerks who are running this country or the Jerks who won't get pissed off at the Jerks who are running this country ! Did you get that? Leave the politicians to their own devices for a while and they shit all over everything.Not everyone who voted for Bush is to blame ! I'll bet there's a ton of people out there saying to themselves" What in God's name did we do? So they're not all 'oil moguls' who are sucking us dry with 'prescription grug costs' or exorborant gas prices ! Some of them really do REAL work and pay substantial parts of there income in taxes. What we ALL have left we have to try to spread from week to week to support ourselves and our families, who also pay more taxes every time they go out and spend what little we have left on luxury items, like gasoline, clothes, food and (God forbid) cigarettes, among other stuff that we want! We don't all walk around with our hand out. I don't begrudge someone who own a major corporation and makes ten million dollars a year, what I do begrudge is when that person has people in hard labor or management positions earning twenty five thousand dollars a year. Now, if you think $12. an hour is a fair , livable wage in today's economy I suggest you try it !! Now, if you DID imagine that and realize that sucks, imagine the reality that people are earning half of that !!All anyone wants is a fair piece of the action. Would you like to hear my TRICKLE UP theory ?? (that's a whole other story) That’ll be the day!.By the way, all money matters aside, I would hold people who voted for him to task. Where are they now ? Wringing their worried hands saying "Gee,,, I was all for the war before but now...!!?!!."Well we thought he said Iraq….WMDs, you know…he fooled us !!! Not all of us ! I just didn't believe anyone else could buy it. Why, you stupid f*&(%^jerk offs, what the hell did you think was going to happen ?? Can't you people look in a mans' eyes and see the lights are on but no one's home? Can't you hear when a dimwit is so ignorant that he can't speak until his staff winds him up, kicks him in the ass and pushes him out to the podium? Damn, he's screwed the office up so badly that his whole family has to do a standup comedy routine just to distract the remaining assholes who still stand behind him from just what the hell him and his boys have done! They STILL don't get it!!Screw the conservatives, screw the bible thumpin assholes that pushed him into office, screw anyone who says the media is liberal, screw the chickenshit liberals who couldn't stand up to those homophobic closet queens and boot THEM the hell out of office instead of vice-versa and screw Ann Coulter!!!!! Just because !! Now, some of us who tried, who knew right along what was going to happen pretty much have to sit here on our hands in judgment with that oblivious train of fools and take it in the ass from the rest of the world ! 'We are the joke, we are the morons'....(sung to the tune of "We are the world".)I grew up from the 60's thinking that we had the solutions, we could make a difference, make a better world! Yea, sure.. We still may have a chance. If the real working class citizens wake up and realize that we are the only ones that can implement the necessary changes, the ones that will help us, get off their asses and vote for a real candidate, we just may make it. Things aren't as complicated as government pretends they are. They just keep our thoughts occupied with issues they should be worried about, not us. We don't need to be snowed with bullshit news. Just give us the facts quickly and get on to the shit that really means something to us. Why is it so difficult to come up with a group health plan for everyone, working or not? Why give breaks to corporations based on how many employees they have to enroll? Hell, there's not a larger group than the population of this country. We are a group. The largest group an insurance company can find. So sell all of us group coverage no matter whom we work for or even if we don’t. Then let all of the employers budget for employee benefits and pay it out to their employees insurance companies, This would be available to all Americans to combine with as much of their own money to buy more coverage from their insurance companies that they want. This way, everyone has insurance, reasonable deductibles, reasonable prescription drug coverage. Christ, with a group that large and that amount of money available even the lowest bidding insurance companies can make a real killing! Maybe some of that won't work, maybe it needs some tweeking. What do I know? At least I said something, that’s more than I've ever heard from all these goddam politicians! And why do we live in the greatest country in the world and some clown running an amusement park makes upward of sixty or so million dollars a year while its employees are kept on in part time positions so that the company doesn't have to pay out for benefits? Others who are fulltime earn about fourteen thousand a year. Try supporting yourself on that !!. I don't believe in hell but if there is such a place I'm sure that son of a bitch is going there. And I really don't need to hear that crap 'but they donate so much to charities’! Bullshit, That's that Old Catholic shit buying your way into heaven. Does that really work for you?? How come in this great capitalistic country where everyone has a chance to get rich the only company I've ever seen put their money where their mouth is an Ice Cream Co. called BEN & JERRY’S? They should write a book on corporate management, publish and distribute (at each companies expense) to every corporation in America. If a small Ice cream company can make it work then shame on anyone who can't. I don't claim to be an intellectual, or even intelligent or, hell, even smart but at the very least I have ideas. They may not be good but I haven't heard anything coming from all those talking heads that were so full of sh.. oh, I mean Ideas at election time. How come we don't hear their friggin voices now telling us what their doing about all those freakin promises they made?? Doesn’t that make you so goddamn mad you could scream ???Well, friggin scream !!!! Make those assholes accountable !!Shit !!The toilets been flushed and we're headin down! There's too much wrong. War at the wrong time in the wrong places, with all the wrong reasons. Public distractions from the atrocities, beheadings, executions and our soldiers dying at a faster and faster rate, no REAL jobs, no REAL money, out of control insurance rates, prescription and medical costs, not to mention gasoline, while our manufacturers keep building them bigger and thirstier! And shame o n you who buy them! Oh, we need the extra space for our 2 kids! Shit, 30 years age we could fit a family of 6 in a vista cruiser station wagon with a roof rack and little Johnnie still had a great ride to take his girl to the drive in on Saturday night. We’re in trouble! Real trouble !! Aren’t you even a little scared?? Bush can swagger, bounce and chuckle and Mummy can keep on telling jokes but where are they gonna be when a major dirty bomb goes off somewhere in this country? Where are you gonna be ?? I don’t mean some little car bomb, or even an airplane; I mean a bomb with some friggin mutant virus that can kill a million people in 3 days. Something that our great defense department developed, the best money could buy! Or some radioactive shit that will make the Eastern seaboard uninhabitable for a couple of hundred years!! Don't think it can happen? Bush does,,, Cheney does,,, and so do Rumsfeld and Condolita Rice !! See how quick they get the fuck out of Dodge when a small private plane gets anywhere near their airspace??. Don't shit yourself. They know it can and will happen ! Cripes, they've pissed off most of the World !! Unfortunately it may take a real war on our soil to wake all the stupid assholes up! I hope not. It's we, the people who will have to pay the ultimate price. Ya,....I'm a little bit scared !If there were a viable solution I wish the hell someone would enlighten me !!Cuz I'm just not that smart !"


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