What to do with Karl Rove ?

I think that, just like every other scandal is handled in this administration, the Rove situation will blow over just as Bush says. How can he be so sure? Because , as usual , the will focus the attention of the nation on other matters. In this case , as with many others, they will raise the terror alert, even though nothing has actually changed except the London bombings.
The bombings have little to do with the terror standings of the U.S. We face the extremely high chance of a major attack on our soil every day that this president is in office. We are the target of these terrorist attacks for no other reason except that Bush is in office. It is not America which is despised. Bush is the most despicable leader this country has ever displayed to the world. He is hated on every level in every country on earth. I truly believe that the World Trade Center would still be standing today had Gore won the election. (oh, I'm sorry , he did, Bush just didn't recognize it. And like everything else in his life the spoiled brat gets what he want with the help of Daddy and family )
Rove will blow over because Bush will keep him right by his side and focus all of his power in deflecting attention from him with fear, scandal , downplay of the situation and anything else he can do .. He has to. Bush cannot function without Karl rove.
He wouldn't know which way to walk when he steps off his plane.How can it not be apparent that Bush is clueless, inept and a fatal danger to the United States and its populace?
I'm becoming more frightened with each passing day.
Peter Mirisola
Orlando, Fl.


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