Is there Anybody Out There?

If you're reading this then you must be there ! Am I right ?? See, now you know that I'm right !! So far I'm batting 500 ! Now, if i'm pretty much ALWAYS this right and you are definitely there, don't you want to tell me what a self righteous ass hole I am ? Or maybe you'll read on and Prove to yourself that I am ! OR, maybe you'll read on and find yourself in agreement ! Either way, don't you want to tell me?
I don't care whether you agree with me or not. Actually I would like to hear from someone who disagrees with me grow some balls and tell me why ! I don't mean your typical hard right wing bible thumpers whose answer is 'because'. I mean a meaningful opinion about why I'm wrong. And again, not because 'it's a safer world without Saadam in it'. That's old , stale and obviously 'not true' ! So, c'mon. Here's your platform. I don't care what your name is boy.
If you agree ,you too are welcome. I would like to hear from ANYONE !! Please ?


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