We CAN stop this appointment !!! Don't allow anyone to convince you otherwise !!I know it doesn't seem that way after witnessing five years of insolance ,incompetance and total disregard for any social classes beneath him. Doesn't it eat you alive that we allow this person to make judgments which affect us on the most basic levels ?? Well DON'T !! How far do we allow Bush to go before the sleeping Majority wakes to find that severe irreversable damage has been perpetrated on our Judicial system and the most affected are 'the silent majority ', 'the' working class American ', the 'poverty stricken and the underinsured elderly '?
We, the people who pay his salary , know nothing of this man, John Roberts, except he is Bush's choice for, no, not a Supreme Court Justice, but a 'Chief ' Supreme Court Justice ! This man, who, when 'applying ' for this position, skated around and even had the audacity to refuse to answer direct questions in regards to his capabilities and ,even more so , his agenda !
Should we just take Bush's 'word' that this is the 'best' man for the job ? You've got to be kidding !! Bush is not even qualified OR capable of doing his own job.
Take away all of his 'props' ,the air craft carrier, the flight suit, the cowboy outfit and hat, the gloves and chainsawl,the pile of rubble on '9-11' (which I'm still convinced he, through his insolance , was responsable for) and lastly, the $2000. custom fitted suit which allows him to look like has shoulders, THEN, what do you have ?
A slouch shouldered, spoiled , stubborn, little man with no toys, no friends whose 'Daddy and Mommy ' have to pay people to play with him !
WHY on God's Earth (which he's doing as much as in his power to rape and pillage) would we trust such a narcissistic , beady eyed, power monger,speaking out the side of his face, epitome of a used car salesman with such an important and Historical decision ??
The fact that Roberts would not answer either directly or clearly, any answers put to him by the committee displays what a dangerous Chief justice he would make, political boundaries aside. He never did indicate which direction he would swing,what his personal preferences on the most important issues facing the world today. What he feels the Federal Government should involve itself in or not. (religion, abortion, moral issues, education, social programs to take steps toward eliminating poverty,eliminating corporate welfare, the differential rate paid between sexes, races, union or non,the extreme disparity in earnings in the job market) These are all , or some of the issues which need to be addressed by someone held in consideration of such a position, someone whose decisions would affect , for good or bad, the History of our Nation . There is no room on OUR Supreme Court for someone who dodges questions on the very things he will be expected to make rulings on !! There is no place on OUR Supreme Court for an appointee who will be on George Bush's leash , serving up his agenda for the next four years !
The fact that Roberts has even initially witheld any information on what would or could be expectd from him, especially through the use of the law which he is to be making judgements on, demonstrates the underhandedness we could expect from him on the bench. He is what Bush want, a Bush clone who can and will tapdance through the legal system and use it for their own agenda, no matter the cost to the people of America !
If you want to make a difference, YOU CAN !! You can call your Senators, TOLL FREE at 1-877-762-8762 OR You can Write or send your Pertinent Blog
You must show the pertinence in title. E-Mail or Blog to
I know how you feel, we've seen it in the last 2 elections, we can't make a difference ! WE CAN AND WE WILL !!! YOU NEED TO SHAKE EM UP !!!
DON'T WAIT FOR SOMEONE ELSE TO DO YOUR JOB ! That's what happened in the last 2 elections. Wishy Washy candidates and Wishy Wasy voters. You KNOW it's true. Just look at the margins !! DO IT NOWWW !!!! NOT LATER !! IF YOU HAVE A COMPUTER<> LET YOUR MIND GO TO WORK !!!
Aren't you sick of being a LOSER ??
IF YOU HAVE A BLOG , POST THIS !!! If not , write your own thoughts, JUST DO SOMETHING.
For more heat see my blog; http://1bigdragon.blogspot.com
The DRAGON is the MONSTER and the MONSTER is Corporate America !!


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