I have never recognized the beginning of the Bush era. The day that he and his flunkies over ran the White House was nothing less than a coup d'etat ! This was easily accomplished because the Democratic party had no strong leadership and the people have become so completely disfranchised
that there was no wall of resistance to prevent it. Never before in my lifetime, as bad as I may have thought of our so-called democratic political system, has any party (especially a group with such in-your-face incapability as the Bush clan) been able to worm themselves into office against the people's vote.
We have been in trouble from day one. The World Trade Center came down BECAUSE Bush was in office.The World does not like him. Unfortunately ,today's world is not full of people who will laugh at him , make jokes about him,or mock him ( as most Americans do).Today's world has people who will not attempt to take his life, they will take thousands of lives ,innocent lives,to show their displeasure. After that they have to do almost nothing (aside from terrorize other countries in order to distance them from us).With a man like Bush in office his inadequacies will take over from there. He'll stand tall ,finally presented with the opportunity after a bumbling several months of vacation,to find his place in History as a 'war president',attacking any country he can benefit the most from. It's a shame that ,if you want answers to the problems, you should turn to the comedians ! Check out Bill Maher, John Stewart or (especially) George Carlin ! Naturally, conservatives will shout Commie, Socialist, whatever catch-phrase they can use to scare the huddled masses and stop the attempts to separate them from their millions ! I don't think Republicans really do believe trickle down economics work ! I don't believe that they can be that stupid ! I also don't believe that they think we are that stupid !
The largest problem facing this nation is not black or white, young or old, American or Immigrant. It's CLASS, That's what separates Americans , that's what corporate money mongers, the small percentage who OWN America,the class that no one wants to aknowlegethe existence of,the class who will war, kill, assassinate and destroy anyone who stands in the way of their ,no, not money,,POWER ! That's who divides us,causes Republicans to hate Democrats, blacks to hate whites, causes medical inadequacies between wealthy and poor and keeps the wealthy,wealthy and the poor, poor! The wealthy do not run America,they are just a tool used by the real powers as are the rest of us.We all just do our little parts to help the Establishment keep us divided. They've been doing it for ever and will keep right on doing it until we all start using our brains and our eyes to think and accept the truth and to see what needs to be done !
What needs to be done now is get the likes of Bush OUT OF OFFICE while we still have an America to defend ! He plays almost the perfect puppet to the owners of our country . He is not only disgustingly greedy, he is the biggest power monger since Adolph Hitler ! More Sincere Than I've Ever Been !


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