I don't have much, I never will,but that's ok.My choice. I knew this in 1968 when I became aware and realized that we , the people, had lost control of OUR government to the' Establishment'.Do you remember the 'Establishment'? Like it or no,it does exist .It's not a large group, actually it's comprised by approximately one percent of our population!This is the 'old boys' club' that 'makes' the rules,that 'chooses' the wars, that elects our officials,that heavily influences the media(whether the media realizes it or not) that OWNs us, whether we'll admit it or not. Ignore it. They're not a part of the 'classes', they 'create' the classes ! So, being 'upper' or 'high' class does not make you a part of the Establishment. It affords you a more comfortable existance',even grants you ,on a level which is important in your society, a degree of power.You have more of a chance of affecting society, the classes beneath you, for the better or worse.You don't get to control National budgets but you sure as hell control society's budgets, payroll, insurance, taxes.Yup, you guys get all of that. Now, depending on your level of greed ,or empathy, you do get to affect many members of society ! As a matter of fact, the majority of Americans. You remember them ,right? They are the ones who pay you, they do your work for you,manufacture your cars and trucks, build your homes, the pawns, you move them around , use em and lose em, without hardly a thought ! You only concede to their needs when they influence your income.You may give them a raise, better benefits,etc. But your' payroll budget remains the same. You get your budgeted income with allocated increases but the employee payroll budget, insurance budget, all remain the same. Do you ever stop and think that this is not a game ? This is not Monopoly ! Everyone does not get to go home to their very comfortable homes, drive their 50, or40, 30, 20 or even 1000. dollar cars or SUVs.Take a look at the real world. THIS,,, these LOW classes, WORKING classes, are YOUR doing !! NO? When is the last time you did NOT increase the income of yourself and your highest paid 'people' and used all of that money ,and then some ,to increase your lowest paid employees budget ?? Do you realize what would happen if all of you greedy bastards looked at the mess that you have made by paying yourselves more and more and your workers less and less and actually cut loose with unheard of increases in pay ,benefits,vacation for just five years?? Have I told you my 'Trickle UP Economics' theory? It's simple..People have more money available to spend,,.Sales increase tremondously,(higher profits) You need more employees to handle sales, shipping, distribution,etc.,,)lower unemployment (more taxes in the coffer) Increased manufacturing, (More employment, more tax income,construction of larger facilitys, more money in the market, more national spending, more profits,increase in home sales, more construction, more profit,more , more , more, do I really have to go on? Can anyone be that STUPID???? That LAZY??? that GREEDY??? Do you know why this won't happen ? The 'Establishment' ! In a situation such as I've just described ,in this society, people would begin to close the gap between the classes. Even the Races . So,,what's wrong with that ?? Together we have 'Power". So,,what's wrong with 'power to the people' ?(I love those old cliche's ) It means that the 'Establishment' can no longer start a war to control resources, can no longer shuffle billions,,trillions of dollars( can you even comprehend how much money that is?) These amounts are thrown around like ' a dozen oranges, a six pack of beer and ,oh yea, gimme a billion dollars !! Na, No more of this crap !! We're not playing that game anymore..We don't care how this affects you, for once WE ARE OK !! Not Monopoly,,, not Chess !! Just a good , old fashioned, Capitalistic Democracy ! Of the People, For the People, By the People ! Isn't that what they said ? For some reason there are large quantities of people who are so utterly brainwashed that they can't even grasp the concept. They have no valid argument ,.they can only throw old one liners, cliches', learned thoughts at the concept, but they have no valid argument .They are convinced but they are not convincing. Listen closely to any press conference held by any member of the Bush administratiion !Bla, Bla, Bla !! I have really tried, really listened,I've even tried to read Ann Coulter .I cannot get it.It's like listening to a love song by the Archies. I worry,,, a lot,,that time is running out. In the sixties they used the threat of communism, the big red beast, to drag us into wars that were unjust, served no purpose to the general populace aside that convicted felons were given a choice,,jail or Nam. Now people who signed up thinking that were getting job training, an education, a very noble gift from the Government, are sucked into war ,unjust war by any means with excuses such as we've removed a dangerous terrorist from the population . We'll believe anything,,just throw stars and stripes over it, hum America the Beautiful,beg God (or Ala) to bless us,whip us into a frenzy of patriotism we'll fight, or be called a pussy, a traitor ,whatever.But this is all the doing of the Establishment,,carried out by a society which has been conditioned,,brainwashed ,, to do the Patriotic, the noble ,the brave, the damn dumbest Goddamn thing you can imagine, so that the 'Establishment' (believe in them or not,, this does not make them go away) maintains their Goddamn place on the game board.I think 'we're screwed, nothings changed, from the 60,s to now, nothing!! Then, an organization such as yourself or Moveon.org appears I feel that maybe,,,just maybe we're finally going to get it together. All of my Brothers and Sisters from the 60's era are going to get offf their fat, lazy asses and realize that they have become the enemy .They're the corporate bigwigs.the top of the heap.What happened ? Was the 'Establishment' defeated, or did the language become so cliche' it lost its effectiveness ?!?The 'Establishment is still in place,,, the faces have changed but the scepter gets passed on !
Can't we just knock them down and take it ? Or maybe we can just sneak in ,in the middle of the night and take it from them,, you know,,, like the Bush administration did with the Presidency ! Either way, they need us a hell of a lot more than wee need them


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