Accept Responsability

The argument that Mr. Rove had no idea as to the sensitivity of this matter will not hold water. Since when does ' ignorance of the law ' provide defense from prosecution for breaking the law. If ANY civilian held 'ignorance' up as an only defense they would be cut short immediately and sentenced ! How can any public official be held to any other standard ?It's about time for this president to begin adhering to the same rules as the rest of the country. Even he, in his lopsided view of life,must realize that he is not above the law and if he doesn't then it's about time that the people of this country,especially the leaders of the Democratic party, drive this point home for him.NOTHING should stand in the way of the indictment of Mr. Rove , as he has already indicated his guilt through ignorance ! There is a lot of ignorance in the political arena these days and it is inexcusable to use this as a defense !


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