I, like most of America, am not interested in form letters and pat excuses from the likes of sorry congressmen like Ric Keller or (president?)Bush. Do they really believe that we read or believe those letters they send out on E-mails or the likes of Bush stuttering through another one of his press conferences about how he’s ‘looking in to it’! All of you candy ass congressmen who keep on backing him up, just keep on! Remember one thing though, he MAY last out his term, but YOU have to face mid-term elections!Chew on that a while! Keep on kissing Bush's ass, you'll both go down in history as the biggest bumbling idiots ever elected to public office. Bush thinks that he's smoothing things out when he gets in front of a camera. It's good for posterity that he does. It shows exactly what a lying Idiot looks like. I can't believe that anyone who ever did support him could still stand behind him now. That's not a very safe place to be. If he saw a flying object heading toward him he'd duck and sacrifice whatever supporters were there. If I ever did support him, which I NEVER would, I'd sure be embarrassed watching him stuttering and bumbling around about 'finding out who was responsible' for the delayed action which cost so many lives. All he has to do is look in the mirror. Just like 9/11, he choked with fear when he should have reacted. This time he was to busy on his 'ranch’ to give a thought to the upcoming storm and enforce mandatory federal evacuations. Imagine the difference had thousands of busses, planes, trains and any other form of transport was enacted 3 days before the storm hit. Don't give me 'hindsight is 20/20' crap! THAT IS HIS JOB! He is responsible, above all else for the safety of the United States population. Why does he always begin investigations every time HE screws up? What happened (I say this over and over with this guy) to his campaign slogan 'The buck stops here’? Every time we turn around he's screwed something up and beginning an investigation into who he can lay it on! When will the American public finally wake up and demand his impeachment !! Christ, Clinton was impeached for FAR less! Get it together America!!!


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