I think, (which is something lacking in our society) that before we totally decimate Iran, which I suppose would include ALL of Iran ,,civilians, cows, little girls in pigtails, little boys abusing their monkeys and whatever, that we examine and compare their supposed threat (a 'heavy slap in the face')to a real, serious threat or just Iranians 'throwing down' to save some face. I mean, maybe they really do want to give 'the Big Bush' a therious thlap in the fath,something I could sure enjoy watching on FOX, which case I would say "Bring it On" brothers! I believe we should have learned by now that every thing that comes out of that area in the way of words, should be taken with a grain of salt !(can any one say 'WMDs in Iraq' without a little snicker?) Maybe we should consider a second opinion from a neutral party, say Zimbabwe ?In a certain light, the one where we're going to entrust some of our major ports, it may not be a good idea to totally trash a country who, one might construe, holds some interest in that transaction?I don't claim to be smart,,that's why I ask so many questions,,so ,if someone who IS smart could take this seriously and shine another light on it, my brain would be appreciative!


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