The whole minimum wage issue is a joke!! Do the math. If it were to go even as high as $8.00 an hour and an employee is lucky enough to land a 40 hour a week job he/she would earn $320.00 a week. Take out SSI, FICA (and some states state tax) and hopefully ,insurance the worker would go home with approximately $225.00 to $250.00 a week ! In the general vicinity of $1000.00 a month.
It's difficult to find a rental appartment with two bedrooms for less tan $600.00 a month.Consider utilities, telephone, transportation, groceries and incidentals at, oh, if you squeeze real hard , at $500.00 and that leaves you with ,what ? a negative $100. !
Maybe there's a partner involved,, that may give a bit of an edge on the rent but they still carry transportation, groceries and incidentals they may have , in a perfect scenario , about a hundred dollars to try to hold on to.
How would you like to throw 2 kids in the mix? 2 Kids will cost about 600. to 800. a month daycare and more food and more insurance and medical bills.
C"MON,, should ANYBODY in this GREAT land of OPPORTUNITY have to try to juggle this crap week after week,, month after month ,ad nauseum ?? This is just out and out bullshit !! Would you want your children to have to face that 'existance'??
We have CEO's and some professionals making 800 TIMES that !! 800 TIMES !!!
SHAME on them !!! Can they be shamed ??? I don't believe so !! They'll have their 4 months vacation, their trips around the world several times a year,, their ENORMOUS gas guzzeling SUV's,, nannys, housekeepers, yachts, whatever the hell else they want and not feel one iota of guilt ! They worked hard for that money, that stature, that power !! BULLSHIT !!!~ Most of them wouldn't even know the meaning of work !
Do you want to see how a FAIR and JUST Corp. treats their employees ?
Get on the internet and look up 'BEN and JERRY's ICE CREAM'. Check out their corporate structure,, see how their employees are treated, compensated, VALUED !!!
Now, do you want to hear my 'Trickle Up ' theory of economics ? Well , I'm gonna give it to you anyway !
All of the lowest paid workers in America (and there are millions) start making a REALLY reasonable salary. What do you think they'll do (aside from start saving and investing and stimulating the economy from the inside out)?
Why they're going to start spending it. New cars, new t.v.s, new sound systems, clothes, they're going out to the movies , to dinner , travel, and much more.Well you ask,, what's that going to do for all of those greedy fat bastards who had to give up a little of their wealth. Their sales wil skyrocket,, break all kinds of projections, get themselves big fat bonuses,, insurance execs making great commissions,, they'll have to increase production so they'll need to employ more people, build more house , more factories,,,,,, Don't you see where this is going ???
No ??? Then your just plain stupid and greedy and you'll never be part of the solution ,, you'll always be a bloodsucking leech and you should just do society a favor and throw a rope over a door !!


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