We've Only Just Begun

I'm sure that this is not news to anyone with a level head and an observant eye. Our problems have just begun. We're a snowball just beginning its way down the hill. Is it not obvious that Bush is nothing more than a puppet, playing out the show, disarming some with that'aw, shucks' charm, pissing off everyone else to the point where we'll vote for almost anyone, as long as it's not another Bush. So basically we feel that we only have to put up with this moron for another two years, then the world goes back to normal ! We couldn't be more wrong ! Why do you think that the Democrats pretty much sat through two elections letting the Republicans ,with the most distasteful crew we could imagine, sail right into the White House,,first with an election that the Democrats won but,'aw, go ahead',like they were holding the door for an old lady going to grocer. The second they just plain gave up two weeks before election.Think hard,, why would this happen ?? Because overthrowing a government from within takes time and patience. People have to think that they're making ground, getting control back,that their vote works.But first ,they had to lose it for a while so that the next administration seems like a Godsend.They let us see how bad it can get but they'll let us believe we can fix it. It takes two parties to overthrow the government !
How so ?
Simple ! After eight years with the Bush administration the American public will be willing to put anyone in office. But they must be sure that absolutely no one from the former Bush administration gets in to office,no more corporate government, they've finally had enough,no way another four years of these policies. They're going to have to vote carefully though,,it could be Republican,,or Democrat,,whichever says exactly what the public wants to hear ! 'We feel your pain'!Someone who will say anything and DO everything else ,just like Bush did before !But now we know,we known had that we've been had,we can't trust Bush or any member left in his staff ,they must go ! But we can't take a chance wasting a vote on an independant, possibly taking critical votes from our party.( Dem. or Rep.)Besides, a third party is just a little bit scary,,that'unknown' factor. But what have we known about the Red and the Blue for the last six years ? Obviously nothing !
The Problem ? The Democrats have ,as they have for the past eight years, the same agenda as the Republicans ! It's all about big business, big money, big power,,nothing more, nothing less.
How else could this travisty taken hold and lasted for so long ? THEY'RE ALL THE SAME !! There have been no impeachments where they should have been, no indictments where they should have been, hardly a peep. But now,,even the people ,Republican along with Democrat have had enough. So, what to do in 2008 ? Selecting from the Democrats or Republicans is obviously the only solution ? Surely either one will be for the people at this stage of the game ? Anything's got to be better than what we have !
WHY ? What have Democrats done for this country while all of this is going on ? And if the Republicans hold our interests why then have they not called for resignations ? I don't mean 'tokens' like Card,, I mean real players,like Karl Rove, Donald Rumsfeld,,key players in this nightmare administration !
So WHY do we have only two partys representing the entire population ? Because they have us fooled. We're rubes. They're two arm wrestlers of equal strength. They know it,,we don't!
But wait, we DO have a third party,,why not check them out,, could they be any worse than what we have now?
Sure , the parties are going to slander, belittle, alienate ANY other party who runs on a third ticket,,but so what ? Just what is their opinion worth to us, why should we pay them ANY heed at all?? If we believed that they were so smart, so honest, wouldn't we be voting for them ,without hesitation ?
What would a third party platform consist of anyway ? Would it be fluff ? Just another bunch of talking heads and spin doctors ? I don't think so !I believe that they have demonstrated for the past twenty years or so without swaying with the criticism, caving in to the bashing, changing their platform one iota to get the other parties off of their backs ! Besides ,NOW, we have nothing to lose, whether Dem or Rep is in office it will al be the same song !
We don't Have a choice now,,we HAVE to go to a third party.
They want what we need, a Clean Air Act,,(one that really works, not a compromise with big business) We are NOW in a serious dilemna, we're losing ground at such a pace scientists aren't even sure we can ever catch up ! They want to work toward alternatives to fossil fuels which ,in itself will eliminate a multitude of problems,,,high cost, depletion of precious resources ,cleaner emmissions ,,again,,on and on !! They want to reign in pharmeceutical , medical and Insurance costs to work hand in hand in order to provide real health care to everyone in this country who can NOT afford to become ill ! They will work on getting the economy in line so that we will still have a Middle Class twenty years from now and ANY one who is working a full time job makes a fair and just liveable wage. Why on Earth should a company with CEO's making MILLIONS of dollars a year have to lay off any low pay employees. Let's try giving these miserable, greedy bastards an incentive to cut their OWN pay and save some jobs. Regulate companies who hire thirty two hour a week 'part-time' employees so that they don't have to provide health insurance and other benefits ! Get us out of countries we don't belong in, who have been warring for thousands of years without solution , just so we can make some fat-cat buddy conglomerates richer and gain control of their resources ! If we're going to Iraq to fight injustice then we also have to go to Africa to fight injustice, China ,North Korea, etc. Hopefully they will govern wit a clear head for business, a respect for both science and secular and compassion,but WE must come first !
I could go on forever,(ok,, I promise, I won't ) but the ONLY solution I can come up with is to put a third party in office,,not a woman for the sake of showing how goddam progressive we are, not a black man to demonstrate that we're not rascists (anymore) ANY WARM BLOODED HUMAN who can demonstrate, through past accomplishments, they can get the job done. Someone who will choose a running mate , not based on pretty or popular but intelligent and resourceful!
People who are strong in the throes of a national dilemna (who won't sit there and read 'my donkey' while our country is under military attack), who will clinch deals that work for the American people. We need to let the rest of the world take care of itself for a bit (unless of course we have the return of Adolph Hitler,,in which case ,get in, get it done and move on ! (C'mon,you don't really believe we've never assassinated someone before?)
We need a party to form NOW,, let us get to know you ,NOW,,start your campaign NOW !! Give us solutions,,take advise, give us honesty,, don't sell out !!Fight the fight,,America is ready for severe change !
If anyone has a better Idea, I'm all ears ! If you aggree,,let me know. ,let everyone know,,talk about it to friends, write editorials to your newspaper, get online , start a blog or contribute comments to others ideas .
I'm going to ,as I have been , read,,investigate,,read,,make contacts. I don't know how this is done ,but I'm too afraid for my Daughter, Nieces and Nephews and every other poor soul being conceived as I type ! (that kinda made me warm,,,does that mean I'm a perv ?)
Have you ever noticed that comedians have their finger on the pulse ??
They'll joke,but please don't let that distract you from the message !
Take them seriously !!
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if you're really interested and have interesting Ideas or have interests in other subjects , start your own Blog. It's not difficult, it's free and you get to vent !
Who knows,, You could also have an effect !


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