Why are we Americans fighting each other ?

First of all , this is not a war between Democrats and Republicans, Right or Left, Liberal or Conservative and if we continue this ridiculous banter we are all going to find ourselves 'goosestepping' to 'This Land is My Land, This Land is My Land',, George's rendition !
It't not too difficult to find something awry with the Bush administration, whether it's a war we should never have engaged, a bill that should never have passed or an ignorant statement passing through his lips.What is difficult is trying to understand just how he's been getting along with this so far.
When the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor in 1941 approximately 2500 lives were lost . America responded with massive air attacks on Japan and when the Japanese didn't get the point we highlighted it wit h two atom bombs !
When Al Quida, under the guidance of Osama Bin Ladin, destroyed the Twin Towers, attacked the Pentagon and thanks to some very brave Americans who lost their lives a third attack on the Capitol Bld. was averted ,all at the cost of over three thousand innocent American lives Bush responded with,,,,,absolutely nothing !
To this day,,,,,Absolutely Nothing !!!
I no longer question Bush's actions or motivations. We all Know that HIS oil interests with the Bin Ladin Family prevents him from taking him to task !We all know that we're in a war in Iraq in order to form and corral their government so that we can control other oil interests, as we're preparing to do in Iran.
I really don't believe that there are too many people in this country who believe Bush's involvement in the MIddle East are honorable, that he is truly interested in bringing freedom to the Iraqui people as he slowly strips ours away !
I really don't even have a problem with the actions of the Bush Administration any more. Nothing, absolutely NOTHING out of the White House could surprise me anymore.
Now I question HOW can the people of these once Great ,once Honored and respected UNITED STATES of AMERICA continue to allow this to happen ?
Bush himself admitted that he'd love to be in a dictatorship,,,as long as HE was the Dictator. When I heard those words come from his mouth I felt a shiver up my spine.
This entire regime NEEDS TO BE Impeached ! Not next year,,not next month ,,NOW .
I'm just an average citizen ,with eyes open ,seeing the rapid decline. I don't know how these proccesses work.Maybe it starts at the lowest levels of government,,drawing petitions, writing editorials,,I don't know.But, I'm sure that there are plenty of people who do. I implore you..Please, if you have a suggestions, answers, anything,,,respond to my blog.
I shy from making analogies to Hitler's Germany because that immediately classifies you in some eyes a a total paranoid but I'm more afraid that ignoring the situation any longer could lead to even more tragic results than Europes.
Hitler slithered in like a snake in the night, intelligent people just pshawed him off as a minor player who couldn't possibly achieve his goals.Look where he went.
PLEASE,,don't be one of those who believe that this could NEVER happen in this country ! Almost every civilization lasts approximately three hundred years before its decline and fall. It CAN happen here and it WILL happen here and saying nothing,,doing nothing is exactly what the Administration wants.
Don't be mis-lead by Bush's new found practiced charm and selective press conferences ! Don't be distracted by the slick tactics of Rove or Rumsfeld ,They are both highly educated men well practiced in illusion, obviously .And Cheney,,,I'll let him speak for himself ,,out of both sides of his face.
AMERICA,, Please ,,this is not a matter of Red and Blue anymore,,not left or right, not Liberal Democrat or Conservative Republican !
This is wholly about the ' men behind the curtain '
They CANNOT and WILL NOT deliver what is best for the American people. You may be doing well financially now but do you really believe that is Their interest ? How long do you think that will last ?How many more thousands of people will be unemployed next month ? Bush claims to have the lowest unemployment rate in years.The numbers (his polls) are not accurate.He's been in office for six years,, most unemploymet claims end after one year, what do you think happens to those 'still unemployed' but no longer counted anymore ? How can you ever know ? Bush's 'polls' NEVER reflect the truth ,only what he wants you to believe !
I implore the People of this Great Nation,,,open your eyes,,don't just look in the mirror,, look at your neighbor,, look at your friends,look at YOUR CHILDREN !!! And then ,,look around the World,,take notice to governments who have been taken over by dictators ! Then , bear in mind (and I'm not trying to inciite or ridicule anyone here, my only intention is for the overall welfare of the future of America ) the 2000 election was the closest thing to a coup d'etat we have ever witnessed in this country !


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