Quit Talking and IMPEACH!!!

Democratic leaders have been running around shouting'Impeach'for so long now they sound like the little boy who cried wolf!(or was that the little girl who yelled 'Fire'?) No matter, Enough is enough! Quit baying and DO it! For Christ sake, look what they did to Clinton for getting a little 'magic face'! Now,you people can't put an end to the results of a 2ooo coup d'etat by a group of power grubbing, murderous stooges! What the hell is YOUR problem? All I hear is 'more money, more money, more money! You sound like a bunch of Catholic priests!

Warning obstinate criminals time after time to stop their unlawful malfeasance, only to have them keep on and on with total disregard for the law AND their constituents has gotten to be the biggest circle jerk perpetrated on the American people in History! It is now time to stop calling for Impeachment and to NOW begin Impeachment procedings against the ENTIRE Bush regime including court martial of any military officials who partake (now, or in the past) in this unmitigated assault on the rights and freedoms of the people of the United States! Bush and his cronies have shown a total disregard to even the existance of anyone not involved in their despotic control of power.

Our Country is in grave danger so long as these criminals are allowed to continue! These deeds represent no less than an out of control dictatorship! I believe that we have paid more than enough lip service to the initiation of these procedings and should put an IMMEDIATE stop to their actionable conduct before this administration creates a dilemna of unfathomable consequences,if it hasn't already!
Quit talking about it and DO it!


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