Can ya please give a guy a break?

Forget Iraq! Forget the price of gas! Forget Iran, Tony Blair, global warming everything, yea, even the American Idol! I know that's asking an awful lot from some of you, American Idol means that much to me too! Just for a moment though, let's back off of those subjects and concentrate on the REAL problem. The one that creates and perpetuates all of the others.

The Bush Administration. Creator of all that is wrong in this country today. Why do I say all? Because it would be too difficult to sift through this mess to find anything right!
But what's wrong with the Bush Administration, you may ask?
In a sentence; "A ruler having absolute authority and supreme jurisdiction over the government of a state".
George Bush is just that ruler.
That sentence is the definition,as you will find it in the dictionary, of a dictator!
Early in his tenure George Bush admitted publicly that he likes a dictatorship, so long as he's the dictator.

What is wrong with the people in this country? Had any other president ever said such a thing he'd have first, been hanged in the press and second ,been thrown out of office,as Bush would probably say, faster than a slick pig through the arms of a cracker!
What has this guy got,,just what in God's name do people see in him. Having grown up 'on the streets' my very first impression of him was 'sneak' One word. But that's all I need, that one word defines where I would place someone in my world.'Sneak'! He's a sniveling, pompous, smirking, beligerant sneak. Cripes I could go on forever!
He's a Dictator. He and his entire Administration need to be taken out now, before one more bill gets passed, before one more day goes by, before one more soldier dies, now! He has to be shown that the American people are a power to be reckoned with. He's been getting away with so much for so long he just thinks we're a bunch of rubes, easily distracted by his genius!

If I have to listen one more day to Democrats begging money I'm gonna puke! Why the hell do they think we should pay them to do the job that they should have done six years ago! We elected them to represent us. They failed in their jobs. Now they want to be paid to do what they should have done long ago! They let him in,they need to do their jobs now and impeach him and his cronies. Forget more money! Just do your jobs.

We have midterms comming up and if George Bush is still in office I myself will not vote a single incumbant back and I would hope that the rest of sane America would do the same!
Let's not let it come to that.
Any Democratic leader who is using this as a platform for election or re-election should be shamed and blown out of the water. This is NOT a platform for elections, this is what's RIGHT!


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Peace someday

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