Take Your Poll And Shove It.

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I love polls, they give you something to hang on to when the wind is blowing but they don't tell you a thing about who wins elections.The republicans have made a science out of elections, they've done something that the democrats aren't capable of, they've examined the facts. The dem's, they run on hope.
In 2000, republicans literally stole,, as in coup d'├ętat, the presidency. Then they watched how the dem's and their followers reacted. They found that they didn't. Dems pissed and moaned but in the end a republican was the president. No doubt, this gave them confidence in "04" and self confidence goes a long way in a campaign but there's also a lot to be said for luck, or, whatever it was that made Kerry stop campaigning and climbing into a hole a week before elections. Again, bush walked into office. How could that happen? A man who brought us to war with lies, destroyed our credibility around the world and crushed the economy for the middle class gets re-elected? That presents, for me, a query which will remain until my last breath. My thoughts are that it took a lot of money in Kerry's pocket but then I'm one of those "nuts" who believe that certain sectors of our govt. had a strong hand in killing JFK and John Lennon. How silly of me! But still, a moron remains as president (just ask anyone, even the morons who actually voted for him) and here we are, 2008 and who, rather than the logical choice, the one man who would beat any republican and do the job which needs to be done, that being John Edwards, is in the run-off in the primaries? A Black and a Woman! What the fuck?
Does it really matter which one wins? We all lose. No way a black man or a woman will beat a white man. That's not what I want but that's what will happen in the real world.
How can I say this without coming off racist or chauvinist? I guess I can't so I'll just say what I think.This is still America, land of the free, home of the racists and chauvinists. And the republicans know this. Why? Because they pay attention, not like the naive dems, hoping for an historic win, no matter who. Republicans know that there are sectors of our population who haven't answered any polls or made any public appearances but will walk through fire rather than see a Black (they don't call him that) or a Woman (they don't call her that either) as President of their United States and they will come out and vote when the time comes, for ANYTHING other than an "N" or a "B"! Get my drift? "Oh, no" you say, "this is the 21st century. We're not like that anymore." Well, maybe you're not, but there are a hell of a lot of people who are and they don't hide it. You just don't happen to know them or live around them but there are many "small towns" and "groups" who still have a 1950s mindset and even gather themselves as (now hold your heart) the KKK or the New Nazi's. Yup. And you know what else? That next door neighbor who always says things like "It's nice to see that a colored can finally get to be President in this country"? He ain't votin for no "colored" or no "bitch", excuse my vernacularism. He'd rather give a vote to "the Bush squad" than to even think about the alternative. Another republican, carrying on the bush legacy, destroying our country, is in office in 2008. Is that what you really want?How can this country, or so many in this country, be so blind? I almost said stupid but that's not nice,, but, whitey, please !! Can you people not see or is everyone just so goddamn afraid to see? Does it frighten everyone so much that our country is no longer the "progressive, God fearing, war winning, hero of the world" that we just won't see it? Is it so frightening to believe that major corporations have taken over our government, really, and will send our children off to war to kill innocents and get killed or maimed for no other reason than dollars,,, MONEY, that you'll still vote for a murderer just because he says "God bless America"? What the fuck is that? Is everyone really that scared? Well shit, if they are then why not change it? ANY WAY WE CAN. If we can't change it with our votes because they just don't mean anything anymore then we can find other means. There are always alternatives but only if we think. Problem is , we've become afraid to think. If you're afraid to think then surely, you're afraid to fight. But you're gonna have to fight, or your children will, or, they will suffer. And their children will suffer even more because as long as we have rulers who value riches and power more than the lives of others we will only sink lower in the economic scale as we truly become "indentured servants", living only to "pay back" the debt we have incurred to live the lifestyle presented to us on TV. "Everyone has everything so why don't you?" Right along side with the "you can have it all now" credit cards, pushed and shoved at us in the mail, online, on TV and with every purchase we make in any large dept store. "Live it up!!" You can have it all. It's just like magic. You can squeeze that "one more payment" in there.

Doesn't anyone see what's happening? It's no accident, it's all in the plan. You can't look at the big picture and not believe that someone wants to own you! You have to pay for everything that you own. How will you do that?? You're going to work. You won't dare lose that job. Ask for a raise? uh uh, Larry did that last month and got fired. Get used to the money you make and don't make waves. You've got kids, you could lose everything. But hey, great break. You just got promoted to manager with a raise! But now you have to work as many hours as it takes to get the "job" done, and weekends,, and "overtime pay"? Nah, you're on salary now, ain't no time and a half no more. Was that really a raise after all? You work 65 hrs instead of 40 for only another $20. a week?? You're lucky though, it was either that promotion or you were terminated.
Hasn't happened to you yet? Has it happened to anyone you know?
You don't believe that there's anything deliberate going on? Wake up. Think. Don't be afraid to think. It's the only thing that you'll be allowed to do if you don't take action NOW.
Keep republicans OUT of office. Hold Democrats accountable for ALL of their actions. No excuses.
Outlaw ALL lobbyists, all contributions to any single politician or cause and make all contributions made anonymous. No deviating. These are the things that are important to us. Not Islamic extremists. Not imaginary terrorists. Sure, there are terrorists, but we're more interested in them than they are in us. They fuck with us because we involve ourselves in their affairs. Sure, we need to watch out for them, but we do. This republican bullshit that we haven't had an attack since 9/11 is an all out fucking lie. We're attacked every time a soldier is killed or maimed in the middle east. And why are we attacked? Because we are THERE!!!!!! Get it? Republicans are lying, thought manipulating, torturing, murdering, bastards. Kinda harsh? You fuckin bet. And you better get it too because they won't be happy until the whole fuckin world is serving them, making their money machine turn, making them all Kings and making us all their slaves. Will you look at history? Can you not see what and how other dictators and fascists took their countries? No one believed it could happen but how many people died and how many cities destroyed in Europe in WW1 and WWll? They were just like us! Keep looking back, all the way to the Roman Empire. They were all destroyed by the greed of the leaders, because the people got complaisant and let the armies rule without question. What makes us different? Nothing but time. Get scared. Get awake. Pay attention. And remember, keep your eye on the democrats but be afraid of the republicans. Keep them out of office or you'll pay the ultimate price, with your children.

That's pretty fuckin scary to me.


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