None Of The Above.

Unfotunately, there wasn't enough space available to this long winded SOB to make the point I so urgently feel is of the utmost importance.
Sometimes, well, most of the time, what I have to say is kind of on the edge. A lot of people may be thinking it but few are willing to actually say it. That's ok, or at least, it used to be ok. Those days are gone. It's time to forget about fear of ostracism, the ridicule of scared sheep and the government. We are free. Not only in the sense that we can walk about without hindrance but free in the sense that we have the right to take steps to insure that we keep that freedom.
So, here is a very sketchy proposition of what I was trying to say in the poll.

* None Of The Above Will Solve All Of Our Problems.

Begin by sending a very important message of our own. Impeach and prosecute the Bush/Cheney regime for treason and war crimes.
Elect our own president, one whose intentions are to remove from power the industrial-military Establishment, the ruling class elite who are draining our country and its' people of all of our resources, including our freedoms and rights.
Begin rebuilding from the ground up by addressing all above mentioned problems one at a time, in order of urgency, incorporating dialogue from within both parties on how to resolve issues on health care, immigration, the economy, etc, with consideration for solid input by vote from the American people.

The gradual removal of war troops from middle east, with any remaining troops left in the capacity of advisors with the absolute right to protect themselves at all costs and the threat of complete withdrawal or absolute invasion in the event of harm done. We will not be fucked with!
Incorporate intesified search/destroy missions of all terrorists and terrorist activity in the deserts of Afghanastan, including the capture or death of Osama Bin Ladin and all of his chief commanders.

There is no liberal, there is no republican, democrat or green. There are Americans. We are Americans. At this moment in time nothing else matters. WE are brave, free and resilient. We will not take shit from foreigners, nor will we take it from greedy politicians and corporate elitists. We will take our country back, by vote, or by any means neccessary. We are fed up and will not be made fools of by drunken, dyslexic, wannabe cowboys playing president, or by sneering, snorting trolls with the personality of a B-movie villain, or especially by a pack of lilly-livered, manicured, greed-bloated narcissists in their ivory towers, feeling securely un-approachable by the likes of the peasants and fools who they unconscionably lie to and steal from with their every breath in order to fill their slothful, wanton desires.
And then we will be vigilant, aware of the evils which haunt a capitalistic society. Capitalists we are but greed and lust for power must be restrained. We cannot succeed as a civilization if we disregard the attributes which make us Americans in the first place.
Empathy, compassion, and pride cannot co-exist without conflict with greed, narcissism and an insatiable appetite for power. The latter, due to it's extreme sense of self and nothing else will always be an aggressor, like hyaena on the hunt they are unrelenting and merciless thus one must always be aware of its' presence, prepared to protect himself or ward off any advances which would put the predator in a superior position. The predator is only superior if he is allowed to be, he too is capable of being hunted and subdued, this must always be remembered and there must be no hesitation when dealing with this animal lest we find ourselves back in the same situation we find ourselves today.
“Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth.” *

*Albert Einstein


At August 22, 2008, Blogger digitboy said...

I'm right there with you. See my blog at digitboy.blogspot.com

I have next week off from my job at the evil for-profit health insurance company, and I'm going to Denver to try to make a difference. I'm registered for the PDA meetings but haven't decided how to best spend my time. I'd appreciate any ideas you may have.

Keep up the good work.



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