Is It Possible That George Bush Is A Good Thing?

Maybe having the likes of "W" in office for seven years has given Americans an opportunity to experience first hand how "Corporate America" or the true "Establishment" will run things if they are in total power. Up until now they've remained in the background, pulling strings. George W. has demonstrated the ruthlesness and impunity with which they act as they come out of the closet. Now we know the man behind the curtain.
I may have been wrong.
There's one for the books, I'm one of those guys who people probably say " he always thinks that he's right". Not to my face mind you but that's typical of problems these days. No real communication. No one say's what they really mean. I do. It gets me into trouble more often than not but, everyone knows where I stand and I believe that I invite people to engage in honest open discussion on anything from their opinion of me to how they feel about my opinions. I do this because I can't understand, for instance how now, finally, 75% of the people in this country realize that Bush is a liar and a dictator, or at the very least, a terrible president who will ultimately, by choice, eliminate the middle class in the United States. He is our enemy. I said this 10 years ago. I don't believe that I'm smarter than most people but what I can't understand is how did this man convince enough of the same people who now recognize him for what he truly is to vote for him in the first place. What were they thinking? Why did all of these seemingly intelligent people believe that, who I perceived to be the most obvious lying, evil, snide, obnoxious, epitome of a psycho dictator, George W Bush was a good man with decent intentions?
But now I'm thinking differently. Maybe Bush is a good thing. I didn't say a good man. What'd you think, that I took a stupid pill this morning? I said a good thing. Why? What could be good about a man who, I believe, was involved in allowing the largest terrorist attack in history to occur on our people in order to initiate military action against a country which had no involvement, distracting us from the actual war on terror which we were engaged in Afghanistan?
That's treason, punishable by death. It would take too long to continue individual transgressions but he obviously, with a smirk on his face and a song in his heart, went on to destroy our economy, strengthen the major conglomerates hold of the system over the people, breakdown the Constitution and begin the eradication of our freedoms and civil rights, alienate the people and political parties of our nation, defecate on our world image, alienate every ally we ever had, Ok. Point made?
But wait, didn't I just say he was a good thing? Let's take a different approach.
Our country has been heading down the wrong road for some time now. I believe it began when the first bullet struck JFK. "Oh krist, another conspiracy nut". Whatever. No matter what happened that day or who was involved you have to admit that our country has been on a downward spiral since. Through the Clinton administration we became a circus. Our president is busted for getting blow jobs, like that's never happened before, but this time our entire political process was ground to a halt while he was trying to do his job, keep his family together, trying to defend, or deny his actions, the republicans devoted all of their efforts to,, what? Humiliate him? Prosecute him? For getting a blowjob? For lying? About a blowjob? Let's face it, it was embarrassing for our nation, a distraction from world affairs, another opportunity for corporate America to gain a stronger foothold on not just our economy but our world. The blowjob that shook the world!
It used to send shivers down my spine whenever I used to hear Reagan or Bush sr. bring up the New World Order, the One World. It would blow me away that the rest of the nation didn't have the same reaction. To hear the president of the United States espousing the views of some centuries old cult which has, for many years had questionable relationships and influences within our government scared the sh*t out of me. Why didn't it scare anyone else? No one ever mentioned it. Where was our media. Where was someone else who felt that this was a bit bizarre. Could no one else see, at the very least, what was happening in our government, where all the power was going? Where all the money was going? We're a hard working nation of people. Was the money going to remunerate the working Americans, the people who broke their backs, toiled long hours, got educated, built this country, literally, in the past hundred years? No, it wasn't. It was going to a bunch of fat suits. Inherited wealth, CEO's who claimed to "have the right stuff" or the right contacts, basketball players, super salesmen, and teachers. What? Did I say teachers? Yea,, I was just kiddin. That's my point. WE have the worst public education system in the world and everyone blames teachers. They must have become teachers just for the money because they make the big bucks. Why, here in Florida I know some teachers who make $40,000. a year. Yea, that aint chickenfeed y'know. And if you're reading this and thinking "yea, he's right. That's plenty of money for teachers, or anyone who works 40, 50, 60 hours a week to earn a living" then you must be one of the idiots who voted for Bush.
If you're getting this point then you are why GW Bush is possibly a good thing.
Bush finally opened America's eyes to the idiocy of the system, the growing inequities in the application of law, justice, money, health care, etc.
Now I'm not some liberal (not that liberal is a bad thing, I'm just not what you'd call "a" liberal) who's spouting off about civil rights or the ecology or what have you. There's no agenda, nothing about minorities or issues.
This is about what our country is supposed to be about. Honesty, hard work, family values, these are the thing that used to be the key to success. I don't mean that everyone with these values should become a millionaire, most people don't even want to be millionaires. It's not about the accumulation of wealth. To most people money is just a means to an end. The end being to live a comfortable, not luxurious, existence and to afford to provide the same for their families. These values have been lost in the past half a century and the Bush administration has opened the eyes of most good people to that. The fact that these are the most important things in life, what our country was founded for and that there are those who are so greedy, so arrogant and yes, so evil that they would deny those values and make a mockery of them for nothing more than their own personal gain and financial growth. People are finally becoming aware because of him and they're fed up.
For the first time people are actually talking out loud about revolution, something that's been on the fleeting edge since the sixties. People are finally becoming, not only desperate but angry enough to consider what our forefathers found to be the only answer to tyrants who saw to kill their dreams, destroy the natural human spirit to provide for the welfare of their family by whittling away at their hopes, disallowing them the opportunities to advance themselves even to the point of experiencing true freedom, leaving them to fear the establishment and be satisfied to live in servitude, not daring to endanger the small chance remaining to them to just survive.
George Bush is the epitome of those tyrants and he's in your face.
This election, no matter what the results are, is not going to change the direction in which we're heading. It will only be a distraction to the fact that the powers who are still actually in rule are greedy, evil, bloodsucking tyrants. Bush is only the face of the establishment, putting Obama in his place will not change who he works for. We must keep on vigilance, not be fooled into believing that an election is going to change anything in this country. Open your eyes. We've already seen that an election under our present system is a meaningless joke. We only get to chose from whom the establishment allows us to chose from. It's no accident who is in the running, everything is contrived and if you don't believe that yet then you're only kidding yourself.
It's time to stop being afraid of the realities of our world but to embrace them as your enemy. There's an Arabian proverb to which we should adhere. "Keep your friends close - hold your enemies closer." Don't ever forget that they exist and don't believe that they're not smart. They've gotten this far, they're not going to let a little thing like an election defeat them now.
Still, be careful how you vote. Right now, I trust no one. McCain, to me, is an obvious mistake. But maybe not in the context of this theory. He will obviously carry on in the tradition of Bush, keeping our enemy in our face, continuing to antagonize and rape our nation. And maybe that's a good thing because if we get much more of that there will be revolution. I'm not looking forward to it, it will be an ordeal which will cost many and a trauma which will alter our lives for generations but that's what our forefathers endured to preserve the way of life Americans strive for. Freedom doesn't come without sacrifice. McCain in office may be the antagonist which tips the cart. Four more years of Bush would surely do it. But, by putting Obama in office we're not assured that he's any different, I don't believe he will affect much of the "change" which we really need. I believe that he will just distract us from the truth, from the facts that the same old "Order" is still in power and that we will let down our guard, forget about the real problems and allow ourselves to be lulled back into satisfaction with a system which offers us morsels, with no real solutions to the progressive downward spiral of the quality of life and freedoms for the hard working people of America. People are so easily fooled, so wanting to believe in the good of America that they will forget that the people who now own America don't care about them, only about their own greed, their own attainment of all of the wealth, no matter the cost to anyone else.
So remember, after the election, no matter the outcome, keep your eye on the ball. If we don't see real change, real fast, in our economy, in the strength of working Americans to pull themselves out of the debt we've had to incur just to maintain a comfortable standard of living, our health care system and the cost of pharmaceuticals for everyone, and corporate accountability for the state of our economy then we must continue the fight. Not just for the elderly, nor to be distracted my minorities and special interest groups but for every working American, young or old, black, white or brown, man or woman, We have to end being a nation of special interests. If we take care of working Americans, all working Americans, then and only then can we begin the task of fixing the system to work for all Americans equally.
Vote, but don't let an election end our quest for true equality in our Nation.
The Establishment, One World Order, the New World Order, the powers that be, whatever you want to call it, or them, are not looking out for your best interests. They want to own you. They do own you. They're not "good Christian people", benevolent factions, or great leaders. They are narcissistic, greedy, monstrous people who share no beliefs beyond their own personal gain of power and money, and they do rule. They will continue to rule until they are physically removed from power, by coup, as they came into the power they now hold or by revolution. Don't ever forget it and don't be afraid to speak.
Like I said, maybe Bush is a good thing.


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