In Memory My Very Good Friend 2006

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I have some issues. Mostly with our Government. This didn't just 'happen' one day, I grew or 'came of age' in the 60's and have been bitter over the outcome for years. I'm not any particular 'political' persuassiom, mostly because I find politics are so much like religion.A living and growing entity except much more important to the masses. (no pun intended) Well , now I'm at the point where I've watched everything from the Kennedy administration to now. Now I'm really pissed off ! OUR Country has been 'taken over' (as in coup d'etat, whether you like that term or not,,look it up) by the fiercest power monging regime in its'history. Does that sound 'paranoid'? Yea, it does to me too. Thing is, whether or not we like the intonation isn't a point. We've been taken over by the fiercest, fastest, power and asset amassers this country has ever known. In this regime, a million has become a billion without the lift of an eyebrow. Any reason to grab money (and throw it at the truck waiting outside), such as a Tragedy in NYC (which almost seems like it never happened, except as a diversion to set us at war), a War, a Hurricane, the Goddam Bird Flu (!?!) All of this has been non-chalantly used to divert dollars to,, who? Who REALLY gets all of this money ? the Iraqui war (a coupla hundred billion) ? Hurricane victims ?? So ,we just gave 'the war' that money ? NO, we gave that to Halliburton and a lot of other firms with their hands out. I'm not going to go on about this point, I think it makes itself !What really scares me is the GRABS for the Constitution !! Our Civil rights and liberties !It doesn't seem like much in the scheme of things right now but I'll bet my ass , when the Extremely Far Right Religious Conservatives pull of another Election with some shiny face 'new-boy' in 2008 it won't take long before the people of this Country realize that all of our money's gone, there are no jobs, we have a dwindeling Police force and an ever expanding army and that 'Middle Class" that you used to belong to just doesn't exist any more ! Waddaya gonna do now boys ??!! I never thought 'this' could happen ! That only happens to those 'other' countries!Am I a NUT ? Is all of this just a bunch of propoganda against those nice, innocent boys in the White House .They Love us, love our 'Freedom'! So much so that they'll send every goddam child , except their own, over to fight for it. I didn't mean for this to gain bitter tones but , like I said,, I grew up in the Sixties, we saw it happening then, we only slowed it down a bit. What's really cookin me now is that those same people marching and fighting for our Freedoms have become the problem ! I'm not here trying to win Blogger points. I just wanna hear that there are sane people out there who feel as I do ! Please convince me that I'm wrong !