Let's beat this dead horse to death with the body of a dead horse ! On and on we go, where will it end ? Only Bush will know !Why don't we all just shut up and climb into the hole we've dug ourselves startng election day of 2000 ? We are in the throes of a dictatorship and all the talking, handwringing and the like will not do a goddamn thing to end it !
Forget the elections, forget the illegal war, forget the lies and deceit, the open disdain for the average American, forget 9-11 and its unanswered attack, forget the lies about employment, the amnesty of millions of lawbreakers in this country working slave labor for the corporate government and forget the incredible rise in the cost of oil, just a little reminder of who's really in charge here !
There is only one answer to all of these offenses. Impeach !! Impeach the entire Bush regime. Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Karl Rove, and the face of it all, George W. !!
We have no balls ! We've been whining for six years about one travesty after another. As soon as one issue comes to light and Democrats decide to take action, another comes to light eclipsing former transgressions. We can NOT get anywhere addressing this administration one issue at a time ! We need to wrap it all up and tie it shut with one pretty bow and drop it in the deepest part of the ocean and it must be the absolute next step we take, before another issue steps up to the plate. If you think 9-11 is as bad as it gets,, think again ! The next divirsion may just take out your entire city and everyone in it ! Impeach,,let that word sink in,,Impeach,, what happens to a president who commits treason,,Impeach, what a Democracy does with a Dictator !!