Keep Catherine Harris OUT

Catherine Harris for State Senate !
You've got to be kidding !!!
Has this woman got a set or what ? Has anyone forgotten that this Bimbo played an integral
part in orchestrating the coup that opened the White House doors to Bush and his bumbling band of cheating, lying and murdering ( I don't know what else to call it when you kill people for no reason other than capital gains) cohorts, placing them in the position to take whatever dignity was left of America and
literally flushing it down the toilet.
I'm sure that there are still those hangers on who believe (or want to believe because their conscience is tearing them apart) that those in this administration are legitimate, God fearing men and women
who sincerely hold the best interest of ALL Americans to heart. They most definitely DO NOT ! The only
interest this administration has, or EVER had, is amassing power !!! Lives be damned !!
Most followers have finally awakened to recognize that the Emperor (Dictator) has no clothes !
I applaud those Americans because taking that stand is to admit the complicity of the White House they elected in the slaughter of thousands of men , women and children,, American or otherwise, for no other purpose than
than the personal gain for themselves and to some degree admitting their own complicity albeit through ignorance of the facts. If they truly are Christians they should be wracking their souls with guilt and shame . Praying to God for forgiveness !
I see none of that., aside from (and possibly the explanation of) the exodus of members of his staff as of late.
Now, out of the rubble, the shambles of the corruption, greed and dismay that this administration ( with the aid of her corruption and position) comes this greedy, self serving hypocrite, asking the people of the state
of Florida to install her in it's Senate ! Do we not remember that she kicked off her career formulating the success of the Florida Lottery which has lived up to none of it's claims to enhance the state's funding of education rather than take it's place , which is what has happened.
This woman who has received highest praise from the highest ranks of the business community , the people who make money off of her endeavors,( is it any wonder ?) has clawed her way up the corporate ladder leaving broken promises and the shambles of an educational system which lottery funds ,as per her campaign promises, was to be enhanced with lottery profits.
The woman can not be trusted, as all that has any value to her is personal profit and power,, kind of fits right in with the administration which has just about blown its' allocation of trust with the American public.
Lets's not take three steps backward,, take two forward with the first stepping on Ms. Harris !
Peace,Peter Mirisola