Are Americans Stupid?

I keep wondering, "how did Bush last in office this long without getting imeached or assasinated? He's the most unpopular president Ive seen in my life."The problem is that voters don't remember anything, they never do. In another reply a writer stated a story with the gist that "Americans are stupid". I can't be so arrogant as to concur but it sure makes me question the motives of people who actually elected a PROVEN fool and dictator in 2004. After 4 years of absolute horror ( 9/11, invading Iraq, diminishing middle class, etc.) I'd have thought , and I did, that people would have blown him out of office. That's when I learned just how much the corruption had spread throughout the entire political spectrum.

Kerry, a born loser, was deliberately "placed" as the democratic candidate because he was most likely to lose. Edwards (who I voted for in the primaries) would have sunk Bush and never lay down whereas Kerry was running close and actually layed down in the last two weeks of the election. The democrats were complicit in another coup, just as guilty as the republicans in 2000. Pelosi was the icing on the cake.

230 years ago men died fighting less injustice and corruption than we face today. I'm not advocating a revolutionary war, not with violence but we, the people, have so much more power today in the way of elections and numbers we should be able to QUICKLY remove any tyrant AND their administration from office. The problem is that we don't know how to use that power when we have no leadership (remember, the democrats ARE the republicans) and a third party or solitary runner, in our system, has no chance since everyone is too busy trying to keep what we perceive to be the worst of the worst out of office and doesn't want to chance throwing away a vote.

What's the answer? READ, educate yourself and then think and TALK, without fighting, to come to common sense conclusions.There's always a lot of talk about conspiracy "nuts" and , agree, many are overboard. BUT, there's also a lot of substantial evidence to warrant serious investigation in many instances. Remember, "If it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck then it's probably a duck!"Don't be afraid of the truth just because it seems too incredible to be true.We are Americans, we used to be admired, respected and feared around the world. Now we're buffoons. Let's get Real!