Any Hope Left ?

Where are we now?
Something I foresaw weeks ago as the result of a terrorist attack has occurred by an act of Nature ! Unforeseen ? How? We were supposed to be prepared for ANY catastrophic event, whether terrorist or otherwise. It's a goddamn shame that it took so many lives to prove this administration wrong. Somehow Bush rises above the tragedy , rolls up his sleeves, finds some poor unwitting black person to hug and performs for the cameras. LOOK BEHIND THE CAMERAS !!! Christ, for once, see him for what he really is ! He is EVIL incarnate ! Doubt me ? Look at the world of George W. Bush ! Terrorism where there was none, war where there was none, a #1 world power who cannot handle a major natural catastrophe as well as a third world country. And what has the administration got to say about it? " This is no time to find fault" !
If President Clinton gets head its ' time to find fault'. When the country's coming apart due to sorry 'leadership', (and I use that term loosely), it's not time to point fingers! The POLICE in New Orleans are so overcome they are 'literally' committing suicide. When will the powers who are 'really' responsible start eating guns??
Now we have the equivalent of another tragedy with the death of a Chief Justice, leaving a seat open on the Supreme Court.
Can we afford to allow Bush to make such a history making decision? In his current frame of mind he is not capable of making a decision which will affect the future of our country. Any decision he makes now will be strictly to put 'himself' in a better light. His whole world is a 'photo-op! SEE HIM FOR WHAT HE REALLY IS !!!
I can't say any more on this subject. There's too much to say and I'm about to start crying.