Another Stepping Stone

I will continue , as I have , to call on the members of Congress to perform in the manner in which they were elected. I find this to be just another waste of time, another boulder placed on the road , a diversion from the one real issue facing this country today. As things go, me being a very impatient man, I just want to skip all the crap and get to the crux of the problem.But then , being a pragmatist, I understand that the best way to approach this problem is with baby steps.this is why I support sites such as usalone or moveon.org. I support them by participating in questionaires, submitting votes or letters to congressmen. These sites make it very easy for anyone with a computer to participate in many changes being made right now. Obviously, much more change is needed and it's easy for you to participate.
The one true problem that prevents all of our issues from ,not only being addressed but overcome, is the lack of Unity ! I don't think that anyone in this country ( aside from a minority of die in the wool 'Bushites' ,who for one reason or another fail to or refuse to see and admit his ineptness) is still of the mind that our country is headed in the direction of greatness.I think that a great majority of people are tired of diversionary tactics played out by this administration to maintain a state of divisiveness. True, no one can place blame for 9/11 on anyone other than Osama Bin Laden , but I don't believe the presence of Bush or Giuliani contributed anything but a circus atmosphere taking time from the real heros, the firemen and rescue workers but, hey, what a photo-op, not to mention the posturing and the links to many other opportunities to support his agenda ! NOW, we must have a war to retaliate ! Ok,,, so,,, who's responsible for this calamity ??? Osama Bin Ladin !! So,,,who do we go after ? O,-O-,O-,Saddam Hussein !?? What ?? Then we have hurricanes in FL. in 2004, more ops. More diversions What more could a president ask for when his ratings are sinking fast ??. A Horrific tidal wave in Indonesia !God,, Is this guy lucky or what ??I truly believe I could almost see the excitement in his eyes ! Here he comes to save the day !!( uh,, no,, that was Mighty Mouse !) But he went there (fly by) and sent en some uv his food.. What a man !!! Now , we have his greatest chance to grandstand ! A Cat. 4 Hurricane heading right for the Gulf Coast and His Home State, (where he's spent the last two weeks vacationing) And What's he do ?Huh " ? You got it !!He drops the ball! In all of the excitement , the vacationing,, the clearing brush,,sparkin'up his chain saw and checkin finces,, He forgot all about callin the national guard in to evacuate those coastal areas 4 days before this thing hit (But he did get it 4 days after. )Ad Nauseum,,,,,!Believe it or not,, this is all a plan.. not necessarily His (he's really Not all that bright) but a plan , nonetheless,,, by that little heard about 1 % who run EVERYTHING !!! But hey,,in case you think I've strayed a bit, back to my point,,, what was my,,, O ,Yea! UNITY,,, or lack of.! Through all of this we are black or white,, young or old,,Democrat or Republican, working and barely making it ,hardly working and making a killing, just plain rich or just plain poor. Whatever ,,anything you are, American. As an American, a fair minded, just American. A first second,third or more generation American ! Wouldn't you like to see all working Americans making a livable wage?? Is it fair for someone who just happens to be 'slick', 'personable',or already has the bucks needed to keep the bucks coming to live to standards that 75 % of the people will never know? I am not saying that these people should not be making this money. They've earned that place in society and it is rightfully theirs. Not everyone can be rich. BUT, there can be less disparity in the ranks. How?? Where will the money come from??? Right where it's been going for all of these years!!!!!Right from the top !!So,,,You want to make a difference,, want to see change,, want to see a livable wage on your paycheck ???? Wouldn't you even like to see PEOPLE in this country get along for a change?? We're not all that different,,you know ? What is the ONE thing that really keeps us apart ? MONEY ! Even just the 'assumption 'of money. Just ask any black man, 'what is your biggest problem with whites '? 'Money' And probably in many ways they're right. But even if not, just the IDEA is seperatist ! It's what keeps us apart !
There's plenty of money in our system to even out the playing field. But it takes Action !! Not just from the poorest, but from anyone who believes that the majority of Americans are misrepresented and shortchanged across the board. The only people who will be affected in this change are the people who have been taking for so long and have SO much they won't even miss it when it goes. Is all of this OK with you ? And when you really think about it,,, nobody loses,, not even the top dog. He still gets richer, (see my 'Trickle Up' theory of economics )!
We can make it change ! There's only one way to do it !!! GET ACTIVE !! VOTE !!!Participate!!! Educate Yourself !!Respond to E mails,,, Read them,, understand them , respond to them. Sometimes all you have to do is put in your E- Mail address and forward it,they'll do all the work for you ! Or , if the urge moves you, get smart, write something, talk about something ,do something.. Do you think things can ever get better for this country with men like Bush in office?Do you think it will ever get better without you , me, your brother, sister,cousin, wife getting with it ? Just send a damn E Mail ! Aren't you mad enough to at least do that ?? Doesn't the fact that he wasn't even elected bother you?Doesn't the fact that the whole of the US Government perpetrated fraud on its' people scare you?? That could never happen!!!? Don't be naive. It is happening ,, every single day Bush is in office. This could be the 'Final Straw', the 'Last Push', the Emperor 'Shows his Ass',,he's screwin up,,losing popularity, I never could figure where he got it from in the first place! Here's a couple of sites to check out,,, just read, they do all the work for you: http://www.usalone.com/in.htm
These are a good place to start!!!
,now it's all so easy to see,, everyone can figure it out,, watch this man, the 'president' ,the man with the nervous gestures, the 'twitches, that 'idiotic giggle' ! The 6' tall man who dug himself into a 10' deep hole ! We've hit an absolute low! Unfortunately ( unless someone in high places grows some real balls and calls for his resignation) we're stuck with him for 3 more years. BUT, we have mid term elections coming and that could be one Great Big Start !! If you do nothing else, not one single thing, if you're just not so happy with this president , this economy, this war, then at the very least ;