Why is Truth so Hard to See ?

I feel like I'm blowing air into a hurricane but here goes ! I can't remember how long I've been espousing the views you've only begun to touch on here with great fervor. Well now the fight is just about gone out of me because ,not only the actions of this administration, which could set the plot for one of those ridiculous 'B' movies portraying the evil ,wicked madman ( the President) and his half ass cronies but because of the lack of majority public outrage at the outlandishly obvious treachery displayed, not only by the administration but by the inaction of the rest of the political arena in putting a halt to outright afront to the needy and the working men and women of this country ! There's just one plot in this movie that's so bizzarre and obvious that it would hardly be played out on the 'big screen' Did someone put something in the drinking water? Is there subliminal messaging going on on tv? What else could explain the majority acceptance of the most unpalatable crap being served up by this Nation's leaders? Of course social services are suffering, medicare is not serving the needs of the people, the cost of pharmaceuticals are so outpriced that millions go without needed drugs.Of course the needy are getting needier, oil prices are skyrocketing, average people are paying a disproportional share of their income in taxes, etc, etc. How else can corporate America enjoy the soaring profit margins they've realized through the Bush administrations? How else could the most wealthy and powerful 2 % of America keep amassing more and more wealth and power while the majority keeps seeing less and less? Why do banks keep pushing credit cards and loans at people who are just a few paychecks away from being homeless ? Why does no one give credence to a 'trickle 'up' theory of economics, which would obviously work at empowering the working class, letting them earn a fair living wage, giving them more money to spend and invest. All of that extra money in the works would raise spending,demand,manufacturing and productivity, jobs, investing and on and on. NOBODY LOSES !! Not in our eyes. Hell, even that most greedy , top 2% would come out on top in profit. So,,, why not ?? Why wouldn't the top money earners ,the most powerful people in the world not want to see a happier ,richer, more productive America ? I just told you the answer,,, what's the one thing that they have that they wouldnt gain more of in that type of society ? No, not money,, obviously the'yd make more money. Money is not their motivation,,, what could they possibly do with more money? Nothing !! What would society gain besides money that the wealthiest people would lose s little bit of ??? POWER !! We can not, in any way or sense, take any of their power,, empower ourselves. That would start the ball rolling in an entirely different direction. We might even figure out a way to remove the electoral college, force politions to deliver on their promises,to be more accountable to the people, to be honest !! Imagine what we, the people , could accomplish if we had the kind of power that a democracy , a real democracy (not this game of 'Monopoly') like what the founding fathers had in mind ! Or did they ? Maybe this is what they had in mind right along..So what,,whatever ANYBODY had,, or has in mind does not work for the masses,, and since we have NO body in power to speak or stand up for us it's time we took things into our own hands. Find polititions ( starting from your local represatives on up ) with this same mindset,,,nevermind the party or affiliation, get them in to office and MAKE THEM ACCOUNTABLE !!! Or remove them from office in whatever way is neccessary and replace them. We have POWER NOW,, we can do that !! I'm not that smart of a man,, and as far as power, thi is it. But there are people who are smart enough and powerful enough to put this into motion. Maybe it takes some sacrifices on our part, maybe boycotts,, maybe marches on City Hall, the State House, Wash. DC. Like I said,, I'm not that smart,, but I'm sure that there are a lot of people out there who have peoples ears and are willing to stand out ! George Carlin,, Bill Maher,, Jon Stewart,(how come comedians have the ability to see through the crap?) even some politicians who have this mindset are obviously willing to speak out publically!! I'm tired of singing this song year after year only to find that no one's listening . I would, for once before I die, see that we're moving in a direction of a better future for my daughter and the rest of the upcoming generations.