Why Bush ? Cm'on, Will ya ?

OK, here's the thing, I can't stand the ass hole ! Why ? Because, he's like a thousand other wannabee clowns. The only difference between him and them is he's got Daddy's juice. Watch him, check his mannerisms, the smirk, the swagger, the subtly planned profile wave. And then there 's his Cowboy Suit .
Really, think about how many other guys just like him you've run across. Why do you see them and think 'loser' and you see him and say 'W'. ? Why ?
Because Daddy set him up, polished him (as much as he could be polished) gave him a rather impressive cast of characters , ( check out Karl Rove) well, impressive but disposable and threw as much political weight at him as he could muster ! He wasn't even smart enough to realize that his 2000 victory was nothing short of a Coup !He really thought the whole country adored him. Can you say 'clueless'? Now he figurures he's the 'Boss", he don't gotta answer to nobody. Alls he's gotta do is walk like he's holdin in a fart and wave at imaginary people when he offs a plane !
What really scares me is that there's a good portion of 'seemingly' intelligent people who believe this guy's got the answer ! Hell, he doesn't even know the question.
I am not a liberal.
I am not a democrat, nor am I a republican. Why not ? Because they all think 'they're right' !
I agree and disagree with all of them. Who would I want in office. Hell, who knows ! I haven't met him yet . Someone sincere, realistic, honest who puts the working class Americans first and foremost. There are a lot of 'sins' in this Country but the biggest is that 'anyone' works a 40 hour week and earns $240. I want to see a CEO try to live on 10 times that and put the balance BACK into the payroll budget ! Not realistic ?? OK, try 50 times. Shit , would I feel sorry for you !! That was the ONE main question and Answer why this country will always be fucked !!!
That would empower people, make them worth something . If people made a real wage they would have more money to spend, more production, more jobs, more profit . That's my ' Trickle Up ' theory ! They've already tried the other way, It won't work. Not now, not ever!
That was my contribution for today. Somebody tell me why it won't work !