I'm a What ?

Something occurred to me. I never thought about it , probably because I don't lable myself. (I'm sure a lot of other people have a few names for me!)I am not a Liberal, not a Consevative, or a Republican, Democrat, lsft winger or right winger. I just take a situation, don't wait to see who responds or how, think about it, how I feel about it, and make it mine.
When I hear it on the news or read about it, it will probably have a slant on it. This may or may not move me, depending on who's saying what.
I know that almost everyone who's in the spotlight has an agenda, so, I take what they say with a grain of salt. I find it amazing what politics will do to people. Some very smart people will say some really stupid things just because they're Democrat or Republican and they don't want to step out of line. I read books by Democrats, Republicans, left, right, down the middle, whatever.What do I find? I find I agree with some people, usually if they're not too rigid in thought, but I don't usually find anyone I totally agree with.
All of them aside, I've come up with my own conclusions about the politicians du jour .
They all suck !! Some more than others, but it just happens that all of the clowns in office today, Democrats, Republicans, whatever,, they suck !
How else could all of America be so divided ?
How else could so much of what we touch go so wrong ?
Yea, I look back to the Kennedys, Viet Nam, My Lai, and no, there is absolutely no comparison
between My Lai and Abu Ghraib. At Abu Ghraib we embarrassed some of the same ass hole who blew up our buildings,,,,fuck'em !! My Lai, we murdered defensless women and children. But remember, no one wanted to hear it then. Back then I was commie because I wanted the 'conflict' to end. I was chickenshit when I didn't want to go there and kill women and kids. Now
I'm 54 years old and my body's takin a shit on me but put a gun in my hand and send me to a RIGHT war, in Africa, where helpless people are being slaughtered daily and I'll fight to my death. I CHOOSE WHO I KILL AND WHO I LET LIVE ! I"M THE ONE WHO HAS TO LIVE WITH IT !!
Now, like I said, I'm no liberal, republican, democrat or otherwise but here's where I take my stand. The Bush Administration Sucks!! I don't like Kerry, I think Kennedy's a drunken backpeddler, Clinton, on top of other things, is an oportunistic asshole !But they're not in power fuckin up the world.Yes America, is great !We have the greatest strongest pepole here.Right??
Well, how long will we be great and strong when we have to coddle and counsel our children everytime someone in there school,who most of them didn't even know,die ?
How can we stay strong when our children watch us go to war ,on the basis of lies from our administration ? To impress Daddy, To raise gas prices.
How will History look back on a president who likes to dress up in a cowboy suit and spark up a chainsaw for the cameras, while ignoring a category 5 hurricane going up the Gulf coast? What could he do? How about using our National Guard and FEMA to head off the death and misery for the poorest people in the country and evacuate the low lying coastal areas?? Oh !! That's right !! Bush was on vacation!!! Jeezuz Keerist !!!
I don't have the time to even scratch the surface. But I think I've made at least one thing clear about myself, political preferences aside; Bush is a bumbling, stammering, lying, piece of shit!
Oh, and I don't much care for Ann Coulter either!