No to Supreme Court Appointees

Amidst the ruins and devastation our beloved leader swoops in ,rolls up his sleeves and hugs a black lady (where did they manage to find her?) He didn't even bring his chainsaw to clear a little debris! What stones he has to even show his face to people who, because of his typical inaction, could have been spared this horror had he simply initiated, with FEMA, a mass evacuation BEFORE the storm!Even more abhorrent is the gall he displays by concerning himself through these trying times with rallying to appoint a man who we know very little about to the lifelong position of Chief Supreme Court Judge.There are many quite serious matters to which he has contributed nothing ,except a potential photo-op,at the cost of many lives.How can we begin to trust the judgment of a man who is so obviously inept in every way to appoint anyone to such a powerful position. Is the American public so blind or easily duped that they can't see right through him when he delivers his 'statements' in such a bumbling manner that he resembles a caricature of a politician trying to worm his way out of a lie !Is it not yet obvious to the country that he's more interested in going down in history as a 'War President' and an appointer of Supreme Court Justices. This person is very dangerous. PLEASE, do not allow this'man' to make ANY decisions of any kind,least of all appointing members of the Supreme Court.