The Future's so Bright I have to wear Shades !!

Imagine it's the Earth, year 2006.
Now, suppose , we have the foresight to see the very beginning of a tremendous merger ,well, not really the beginning but at a point where it should be obvious to anyone ,(who's not to wrapped up in 'Who's gonna marry my pregnant dad?' or some other mind grabbing , very thoughtful display of the public's concern in the very private, mostly embarrassing situations of peoples lives), that something is amiss in the highest ranks of the Government and Corporate America.

On the board sits the very top representatives of the likes of Halliburton, the AMA,the NRA, FOX ,Exxon, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Congress, Unions, pharmaceutical companies and even Rome !
'Whoa,this guys nuts, one of those conspiracy freaks' !
Or you may be too uncomfortable to contemplate such a thing , I know it's not a concept I really care to contemplate ! But, please, Just pretend , a hypothetical. You have to give it at least that much consideration, considering the possibillity and its ramifications ! This is not just a cagey little business venture. This will control the entire social structure of the world. No ?
Can't happen ? I told you, just open your mind and imagine, no big deal ! Just look at this a bit ? Just Imagine ? I know that I'm not a genius, but we don't all have to be geniuses to be right ! Right ? Obviously !

Now,suppose that you,re one of the small percentage who earns not quite seven figures but way over the average national income and by the graces of the current administration has built yourself quite a portfolio . Now remember, we're just pretending here, you or I will never be in that position, we're just drones.

But keep pretending and put yourself in a position take your exorbitant portfolio and cash in on that 'venture'. Those are big numbers, even on their lowest scale! Whose your Daddy ? Who gets your vote ? You're the 'Base' !

Can you see? That'show it may be in 2006.. The only thing that hasn't happened so far is that some unethical mere mortals have been able to cash in at the top! They're pretty comfortable but not in that 'Class'. Nope , not all the way, no room for some greedy low level politicians, no room for small timers to do anything more, no way they're gonna get to play with the big boys ! Even though they're much better off than most their greed won't allow them to be satisfied!
So what do they do ? Exactly what the (I'm sorry, I hate this word, it sounds so '60's) 'Establishment' wants them to do. They try some shitty little back room scam of their own! But that's ok, as long as they're busy trying to not get caught they keep the general publics eyes away from the big picture. Some will even get busted, but that's fine too, political corruption on a low level diverts the scrutinity of the masses ! That, plus a few ready made controversial issues like racial inequity, Religion, homosexuality, drugs !
These would never be major issues on their own but a little Act passed here, an occurance the press can dwell on there (someone like FOX, for instance) maybe raise the 'Terror Alert", that always gets them ,or invade another middle east country ! This is all manufactured to keep the 'little people' pre-occupied, and it works !

Some of the 'little' people will eventually have a moment of clarity. Some will be angry but do nothing aside from talk. Some will end up on a corner with a microphone and a box and be filed away as 'nuts'! Some will write letters, stay aware of all foreign and domestic matters, vote, try to instigate interest on real matters of concern!
Then there are the majority, enthralled in survival. Raising a family, working two jobs or dealing with a grave health issue. Putting their children through school and keeping them away from another distraction formulated initially by the 'Establishment' and kept rolling by the 'press', Drugs !
(How many street corner pushers do you think are capable of financing and importing a hundred ton shipment of heroin ? Who tells you about all the latest drugs on the market, how good they make you feel and how much they cost?
Who manufactures most of the suburbanite drugslike oxycontin, vicodin,etc.?)

Sorry, I got a bit off track there. Back to Joe Average who is enthralled in so many of his own concerns he doesn't even have the time to keep up with the news.
They are the people hurt the most by the power structure but they're so distracted with life that they can't keep up with what's keeping them down, most don't even vote, no time, no knowledge of who or what to even vote for.
It's a pitiful situation. Sort of reminds one of Rome in its golden years.
Or Cuba !
The few at the top and their loyal subjects , 'skipping the life fantastic' !
Then their are the 'people'. The Majority. Just existing. Never knowing life without financial stress. Never buying a 'new' car, never owning a home. Never traveling outside of the U.S., some never even leaving their own state !
They serve.
They build, assemble, grow, produce whatever the country needs or exports, what keeps the 'Establishment' richer.
Most of the time these workers could never even afford their own product.
They are the people. They are us !

So, there you have it. A glimpse at 2006.
That sounds so ridiculous ! You're telling me that all the major corporate entities will eventually come together as one, that they will have control of the highehighest levels of governments around the world.
No way !! That sounds like some of that spooky 'One World Order' we used to hear so much about. It's all crap!
Do yourself a favor. instead of watching people eat rare animal feces for money, get a copy of the Declaration of Independance, read it, the Preamble, the Articles, all of it. Think about every damned word. Understand it, even if you have to use a dictionary. now ,start watching the news, reading the newspaper.
Anything interest you? Read a book. get educated about who's running what, what government official is being indicted and for what. Get educated and then go Vote ! Unless of course you think your gonna like things the way they ok in 2006, in that case , do us all a favor, DON'T VOTE !!!