Leave the Estate Tax alone !

I know why I, and every person I know , don't want the tax repealed ,and so do our congressmen. They don't need a poll for answes, they already know the answers. The difference between us and them is that they associate themselves with people of means, we associate ourselves with people who do the most and most important jobs there are. The distinction being our people work hard so that the people who don't can have their expensive toys, high dollar investments and many long vacations at the expense of ,who? ? Us !! Of course people like ric kellerman can't be dissuaded from voting the tax down. He's looking forward to the day when he can be a full member of the society sucking leaches whose asses he's kissing now.I vote my mind in the polls when I can and in the elections when the times come. In the meantime I run my mouth as often as I can .
Sometimes it's a bit hard to recognize the official to vote but in the case of the kellermans in office it's not difficult at all' This little person has the gall to have prepared form letters to respond to these letters with.
To hear someone sucking up to a bush makes me ....., nevermind, I don't ever want to hear someone sucking up to a man who has proved time and time again that his whole agenda is keeping his 'base' (of multi-millionaires)happy, impressing daddy and trying his damnedest to look important, hence the smugness and arrogance,which the whole world would be laughing at except they're too busy dodging bombs.
That was a Rant. Now back to the poll ; Leave the estate tax ALONE !!!!!!