What We Gonna Do About rove ?

These are not very uplifting words, I can't think of any ! I've been crusading against the Bush crowd for five years and somehow although his support keeps waning he just walks unscathed through the fire ! (no brain, no pain) Every time a problem arises another of his flunkies gets tossed to the wolves or another crisis that requires immediate attention !
Latest ( and the absolute worst so far for Bush )is the Karl Rove incident. Now, had this been Any one else in the Bush rank and file he or she would have been tossed already !
Rove ?? No way!
What would Bush do without him? Stutter ? hide ? Run like Hell ?
He sure couldn't be the President of the United States ! And nobody knows this better than he. How long has the Rove incident been going on ?Now, consider where our attention
has been focused since .Well, we try not to go to Iraq, being a war president isn't all it's cracked up to be. Still, when a good size group of our young heroes gets blown up all at once you can't just ignore it so you play it for what it's worth . So,we'll use it to deflect attention from Rove and talk about those 'Bad people who hate us for our freedom (like the freedom to elect our own President without the worry of a coup de gras ?)or some other mishap that would divert attention.
By the way ! Who could want to or benefit from a batch of phony 'bombs' with the capability of firecrackers planted all around London ? Who would even want to take that chance? Why ? Why, a man could be killed, or imprisoned for life ! For what purpose ?Who ! Could it be 'Lee Harvey Oswald', 'Sirhan Sirhan' ?
Naw, they caught a bunch of guys for that. But for what purpose, to what end ?
It sure took a lot of heat off of the Rove situation. How lucky for Bush. Bush has got to be one of the luckiest men alive !! If his luck holds up or people don't wake up we're in for a world of shit !!!