Will Bush look into Bush ?

I applaud Cindy's efforts and her strength in calling for an investigation into Bush's actions which brought about this STILL ongoing war in Iraq. I wish I could share in her enthusiam in believing that calling for ANYTHING from Bush's people could possibly bring anything to light. This is not to say that efforts should not be made,any efforts to get ANY truth from this administration should not only be encouraged but supported on every possible level around the world, such as his actions have had heavy consequences especially in other countrys. The reason I feel as I do that Bush will never be investigated as long as he holds office is that he has gotten this far in the first place. All we need to do is take one tiny step back to the latest faux pas in his 'camp' , would be the Karl Rove 'affair'. I sincerely believed that he had caught this 'member' in his 'fly' , being that up until now anyone who stood in the spotlight of his particular blunders would just 'resign' from office. I wondered how Bush would handle this 'quagmire' (I know he hates that word). It appeared that he had only two options .The first; investigate Rove and find some ridiculous ,twisted reason why Rove was innocent and try to ride out the bumps. Or, he could invesigate Rove and follow Rove's direction which may get him off the hook. Remember, this IS Bush's butt on the line such as Rove has his hand up Bush's ass and Bush is just mouthing the words. BUT, there was a third, unforseen by me, option. 'Forgetaboutit', spoken in my true South Boston accent. I should have known, Rove is Bush's reason to get up in the morning, in private Bush refers to him as 'Mr. President', there was nothing else he could do but forgetaboutit !How could I have not seen that coming. It never worked for any other President. Hell, just look at Clinton. He couldn't forget about a stain on a dress for his entire term ! How could this work for him? I don't know !! It blows my mind ! If he could get ot of all the crap he's done, totally unscathed, then I guess he can get out of investigating himself..I'm sorry.